Up here in the PNW where wetsuits are a common thing to wear due to our colder water (Fall-Spring). As a result, our paddling culture has like any region created a what I thought was a fashion statement by wearing board shorts over their wetsuits. Find how Why Paddleboarders Wear Shorts over their Wetsuits.

Originally, I wondered why would you want to wear more clothing? And for me when I tried it, the shorts limited my flexibility in paddling and make it more slippery to be on the board while sitting, etc.  After a fall, the cotton or similar material became wet, heavy in some cases and took awhile to dry.

Yet at races and such, I’m usually the one guy not wearing board shorts over my wetsuit. Fine for me, I’ve never been a fashionista or cared about doing what others were doing.

3 reasons for wearing board shorts over your wetsuit..

  • It protects the suit from cuts, scratches and rips when sitting or falling on sharp surfaces.  Kiters use the shorts to protect the suit from the body harness.
  • It hides your junk.  Personally, my suits are too thick to see anything, but maybe in a 2-3mm or for generally self conscious folks.
  • Because everyone else is doing it.
  • It provides pockets to put things in (tether your phone to the shorts)





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