Weekly Surf Ski Training

Our Weekly Surf Ski Training is an ideal option for keep your paddling skill fresh all year. Weekly training is great for staying in shape and building skills year around.

Start as a beginner, intermediate or advanced paddler.  With regular professional guidance and training, progress forward each week to get to your next level. Our training will give you the confidence, experience and skill to paddle anywhere, in any water on your own. 

You can also customize your training to focus on areas of interest whether it be racing, downwinding, surfing, touring, fitness, tidal rapids or fun paddling.

Stand up paddling is a naturally distanced outdoor activity which also reduces stress, is an all around workout and of course is super fun!  On land we will wear masks and distance. On-water, no masks but distancing will be practiced.

Paddling locations can vary to introduce you to paddling in different places and types of water in the Puget Sound region. Add an extra travel fee for locations outside of the immediate Seattle area. My primary paddling spot in Seattle are Ballard’s Salmon and Shilshole Bays due to the dynamic water options available daily.  If your interest is surfing and other non-Seattle locations, we’ll determine a different fee for each trip.

Rental equipment and clothing is available for all your classes even if you only need a wetsuit or a paddle.  See the details for pricing options.

Bonus Class Guides sent after you first class, and receive either a session summary and/or video feedback after each class. Each student will also receive free access to my online courses for each level.  And you’ll be added to the Salmon Bay Paddle alumni group and receive Alumni discounts for future classes.

For beginners..

Your journey could begin with our popular surf ski training class then progressing and refining your technique over a period of weeks or months to intermediate and beyond. If you have an interest areas such as surfing, training will lead in that direction.  If you don’t know, no worries!  Paddling is a journey, you may find other areas of interest down the road!

For Intermediate to Advanced Paddlers..

You’ll start with refining your current skills and fixing bad habits to make you as efficient and injury free as possible. Then begin to build your skills focusing on your goals and interests. Your journey could focus on touring, trips, racing, surfing, tidal rapids at Deception Pass, downwinding, expeditions / overnight touring or even Seventy48 race training.  You choose – We’ll help you get there.


Schedule: Set to your schedule and weather conditions. 

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours weekly

Skill Level: Beginner: No or limited experience.  Intermediate – You can stand up easily and paddle in small waves and wind.

Payment Terms: Monthly, half year or annual payment / Minimum one month required for each plan. Cancel anytime after 30 days.  


(1:1) 1 to 1.5 hour Weekly Training: 149 (596 mo) with or without rental gear.

(2 Person) 1 to 1.5 hr Private Weekly Training: 278 for both (1,112 mo) with Rental Gear / 259 for both (1,036 mo) With your own gear.

RENTALS INCLUDE:  Leash, vest PFD, toasty wetsuit, gloves, booties and helmet (for DP). Optional deck bag.

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