VHF Radio Basics for Paddlers

VHF Radio Basics for Paddlers

Feb 16th – 7:30pm – on Zoom

In our webinar VHF Radio Basics for Paddlers you’ll learn how to use a hand held VHF radio and other types of effective on-water communication.

Your instructor SBP coach Robert Nissenbaum will cover basic operation of a hand held VHF radio, monitoring marine traffic channels, emergency calls and how to make and receive calls.

As a bonus get the pre-recording of the webinar after the event.

Core Skills You’ll Learn:

 – What are all these buttons? Learn about the basic functions of a hand held VHF radio

– Learn about commercial and public channels on a VHF.  Find out which to use.

Find out how to monitor NOAA and Canadian marine weather stations. Add this to your marine weather forecasting 

Using a VHF to monitor shipping traffic communications. An invaluable tool for planning crossings. 

How to make and receive calls on a VHF radio

– How to make and respond to Emergency calls and protocol

– Find out about other effective methods of on-water communication. Which to use first?

Bonus – Learn how to turn on the fog horn at local lighthouses with your radio! 


Your Instructor – Robert Nissenbaum –

An adventure seeker, Robert has paddled much of the Puget Sound, kayaking and camping year-round, navigating tidal currents, wind, rough water, and large, open-water crossings. He is an ACA certified instructor, member of Washington Kayak Club, and instructor with the North Sound Sea Kayaking Association.

He is a member of Qajaq USA and holds the ACA Advanced Communications Instructor Endorsement and can work with students with vision impairment or blindness, hearing impairment, deafness and speech impairments. When not on the water, he’s looking out to it writing from his home off Poverty Bay in Des Moines, WA.

Robert Nissenbaum

Robert Nissenbaum


Date: Feb 16th – 7:30pm

Duration: 1 hour

Pre-Recording available after class

Capacity: 49 people

Requirements: Must speak and/or understand English




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Purchase Our Pre-Recorded Webinars Here:

Karl Kruger – “Training for Long Distance Paddling” —  $47 for the webinar pre-recording (Recorded 1/19/2022); Duration: 1 hour, 15min

Robert Nissenbaum “VHF Radio Basics for Paddlers and On-Water Communication” – Available after Zoom event.


Contact me for any questions

Skill Prerequisites: NONE

“I’ve had many SUP, surfing (and beyond) lessons world-wide but I haven’t found an expert in the area that compares to Rob’s level of quality experience, competency and teaching skills. Rob emphasizes safety first and caters to each individuals personal learning style in delivering quality instruction to paddlers of all levels. He truly went above and beyond and has set the bar extremely high for a business model that I hope to mirror. I will definitely return to him for further training.”
- Amber W

Karl Kruger on his 17' Bark for the 2017 Race to Alaska
Karl Kruger on his 17' Bark for the 2017 Race to Alaska
“Rob is an expert in SUP and offers even more relevant training and helpful information because of his background in kayaking. His skill, knowledge and expertise exceeded my expectations. He presented the information and training in a very clear and concise manner; adding many various tips throughout his instruction. Rob is encouraging, patient and practical – all very important traits when teaching a subject. The course more than met my needs – I learned a lot and as a beginner – I have a lot to learn. I will continue to turn to him as my ‘go to’ resource in all matters SUP. I’m extremely glad I chose Salmon Bay Paddle and Rob for my first professional training in SUP. I felt safe and confident with him the whole time.”
- Leah R

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