Slightly off topic, check out Tribal Journeys 2009. This event started several years back to bring west coast USA native peoples together by having all the coastal tribes paddle annually to one destination using traditional carved canoes. Tribal Journeys has grown to several hundred paddlers, some paddling hundreds of miles, often in open ocean to a specified location that changes every year. Each tribe paddles to the next tribe’s location picking up canoes and then paddling on to pick up more canoes at the next town or reservation. I remember in 2007 seeing hundreds of canoes crossing the 4 mile wide Puget Sound, nearly linking each other the entire distance, pretty impressive. This year’s destination is Suquamish, which is directly across from Seattle on Puget Sound. A huge potlatch is held to celebrate the success of the paddle. For more info:

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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