The past few years, most folks felt they didn’t have good enough balance to do SUP.  I talked a lot of folks out of this by convincing them unless they have specific inner ear issues, starting out on a large board and the use of the paddle on the water will provide adequete balance to feel comfortable.

This year, folks have a new roadblock preventing them from trying SUP.  I’ve been hearing the following the past few months..

“I’m not in good enough shape to do SUP.”
“My core isn’t strong enough to try SUP.”
“I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m finally ready to try SUP.”

We believe this feeling comes from the media which regularly shows very in shape folks on SUPs in magazines, on TV, in instructional videos, etc.

I respond to these reactions by mentioning to foks that SUP is for all physical levels and body types.  Even as a paddlesports author and SUP instructor, I certainly don’t have six pack abs (far from it). SUP can get you in shape and with a good stroke and regular water time you can achieve similar or the same benefits of cross fit without views of concrete walls and other sweaty people!

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips