There’s nothing worse than a stinky wetsuit. The ol’ rule of thumb is to not pee in your suit. Of course it’s a Murphy’s Law of sorts that as soon as you suit up, you gotta go. Even if you don’t pee in your suit, body ordor can build up and smell like you did.

How to avoid the stink? Here’s some tips:

– Wash your suit in fresh water after every use. Hang dry.
– Dip your wetsuit in water with an order eliminator product such as McNett’s MiraZyme.
– Hand wash your wetsuit with a wetsuit shampoo such as McNett’s Shampoo.
– Put your wetsuit in the washer on a gentle cycle with wetsuit shampoo. Hang dry.
– Make sure you dry your wetsuit, gloves and booties 100% for every use.
– Use a bootie, glove, and wetsuit dryer to speed up the drying. Air drying can take days.
– Put cedar sachets in your booties to reduce funky ordors.
– Pour very hot water in your booties to help kill funky ordors. Dry thoroughly.
– Use dish soap to clean your suit by hand or while in a gentle cycle in the washer.
– Baking Soda might work by hand or in the washer.

Have more tips? Give me a holler!

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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