Last week Laird Hamilton was in Seattle giving a talk at the REI flagship store on recent exploits and promoting his new film shot by Don King about autism. During the Q&A, someone asked about how to paddle over large waves on a sup. He suggested standing on the rear of the board and matching speed for speed and powering over the wave. Another method to add to that technique is to angle the board slightly to deflect some of the wave power to the side. As a surf kayaker for many years, I was taught various methods of getting over waves while paddling out. Angling the boat or board works quite well. As the wave approaches you, push down a rail with one foot to angle the board thus allowing your opposite foot to rise. Flatten it once you’ve passed the crest of the wave.

Click HERE for more info on Don King’s film, ‘A Beautiful Son’.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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