Here’s a few tips for improving your balance on your board..

Staying up:
– Keep your paddle active in the water.
– Take a few strokes once you get up.
– Get your board moving before you get on it. Momentum make you more stable.
– Place the paddle blade flat on the water when not paddling and/or when looking around.
– When in doubt paddle. Feeling tippy? Don’t throw your hands above your head – Instead Paddle.

Pratice and Increase Your Balance – Drills:
– Learn to walk to both ends of your board. Keep your paddle in the water as you step to each end. Even paddle forward as you walk forward, reverse when stepping back.

– Learn the pivot turn. Slowly step to the tail of your board. At first just got back a little bit so the nose raises out of the water. Use sweep turns to turn the board around. Then step back further and try your turns again. Once near the tail, get in a staggered surfer’s stance – keep your paddle active in the water! Once you stop paddling you’re going in. After doing a 360 on the tail, walk back to the middle paddling forward as you go. Try again – pivot turn then recover to the middle.

– Try to turn around on your board. Some can jump around. Others should use their paddle as a brace as you slowly turn around.

– Learn to paddle pushing one rail into the water. This may turn your board, called edging. But is good practice playing with your side to side balance.

– Slowly go out in rougher water. Wear your leash and PFD. Test your skills safely, each time getting into slightly rougher water each time. Don’t go above your skill level to stay off the news.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips