From SUP Magazine online 1/11:
Open the current issue of SUP magazine and you’re greeted by one of the most eye-popping standup photos of the year, an unreal photograph of Alaska’s Turnagain Arm tidal bore near Girdwood, Alaska (above).

As Eric Newberry, Dave Calkins and Mike McCune glide effortlessly down the face of the wave, surfer, photographer and multi-sport athlete Scott Dickerson snapped this image from his paraglider. “People have been interested in the Turnagain Arm for a while but it’s often too difficult to stay on with a regular surfboard,” says Dickerson. “But with the advent of paddleboarding, you’re guaranteed to ride it for a while.”

Read the rest of the story here:

All photos and video shot by Scott Dickerson. See more of Dickerson’s fantastic work at Surfalaska.net.

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