Just off the Highway 101 on the Olympic Peninsula in WA State is an intermittent standing wave called the Mosh Pit. Named by local whitewater kayaker Gary Korb, the feature is on the Sol Duc River and only fires during flood stage. It’s a great winter alternative when La Push is blown out.

Find the wave at the Fish Hatchery exit at Sappho just before the town of Forks (heading west).  Follow the Fish Hatchery road towards it’s end and park at the derelict concrete building.  I’m not sure about access permits, etc.

The Pit is the result of a weir which is actually a dangerous hydraulic at low water.  Last I heard there was a log in it, so scout and determine if safe before going in.  There’s eddies along the shore on both sides. Only surf if you’re an advanced intermediate or advanced paddler, preferebly with strong river skills.

Jon Almquist & Chris Totten, about 2007ish.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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