Occasionally with the right tide level and the right freighter(s) that happen to be moving fast enough, I get really nice waves five minutes from my house – in Seattle. Today I surfed an hour of knee to waist high waves from three fast moving freighters in almost glassy conditions. Waves came from three different directions, making for a combination of clean sets, and a few funky tide rip like sets which I think are good balance practice. In the latter sets, I’d surf about ten feet, then have a set from my left side intersect with my wave. The longest ride was about 30 yards.

Usually, I share this spot with a dozen kite surfers on windy days, but today the wind was minimal, so It was nice to have it to myself. If you’re interested in knowing where this spot is, contact me directly.
Since I was surfing in about a foot or two of water over some rocks, I wear my Gath helmet just in case. Although, I usually end up banging up my shins in shallow water. I always wear my leash, particularly if there’s kite surfers around to prevent my loose board from becoming a hazard. The kite surfers surf east to west here, and I go north to south. I let them come in, then paddle out, and vice versa. Gotta share the beach, and the stoke.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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