Surf Ski Training - in Seattle with Rob Casey

Learn beginning through intermediate surf ski training with a private class customized to your skill level and interests.

Whether you’re interested in racing, touring, surfing or recreational paddling this class will help you get more balanced, learn how to read water to make smarter on-water decisions and paddle with more power and less effort.

Surf ski training is available all year on Shilshole Bay in Seattle with Salmon Bay Paddle owner, Rob Casey.

Note Rob’s method of teaching is not the Sprint Racing stroke, rather a more casual version that is still fast, stable and fun  Take our Jonas Ecker class for the Sprint stroke.

** You should have your own ski but we can provide all other rentals such as wetsuits, booties, life jackets and more at no cost.


  • Find out how to remount on both sides of the boat
  • Learn how to outfit your boat to fit you comfortably, which leash to use, rudders and carrying gear.
  • Learn how to paddle either with a wing or kayak paddle
  • Learn how to find your balance using on-land training as well as easy on-water techniques.
  • Find out how to use leg drive for more power
  • Learn about different paddling methods and styles for calm water and wind
  • Find about other ways to turn and control your boat using edging and traditional kayak turns
  • Get comfortable paddling with boat wakes, in wind and rough conditions using bracing
  • Explore methods of avoiding cramps and paddling healthier and longer in your ski
  • Find out where to paddle in the PNW


  • Refine your forward stroke
  • Find out how to edge your boat for tighter turns and more balance
  • Get tips on how to turn your boat faster using your paddle not just the rudder. Including going sideways
  • Get comfortable paddling with boat wakes, in wind and rough conditions using bracing
  • Learn how to read water so you can make smarter route decisions and paddle faster, easier



  • Private Classes only
  • Must have your own ski.
  • Schedule: On your schedule.
  • Duration: 3 hours  Location: Shilshole Bay in Seattle.
  • Skill Level: Beginning to Intermediate Level. Must know how to swim. 


Group Classes (3 Students): 225 per person

2 Private Person Rate: 279 per person

Individual Rate (1-1): 49


  • We recommend wetsuits and booties even in Summer as the Sound doesn’t really warm up.  Our suits are toasty warm, flexible and comfortable
  • OK TO USE YOUR OWN GEAR. It’s best to learn on your own gear if you have it. But please don’t buy gear just for our class. Try our gear first!
  • Rates are non-negotiable / Gratuities are always welcome. 

Rates are non-negotiable / Gratuities are always welcome. 

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“I took a 3 hour one-on-one novice surf ski lesson with Rob and had a really great experience. Rob is hugely knowledgeable and also very patient with newcomers. I went in hoping to get the early tips that everyone wishes they had at the start of a new sport and Rob’s lesson was spot on – stability tips, paddling technique, boat handling, boating conventions and etiquette, safety and gear info etc. My basic paddling in chop was going well so Rob also helped me make a start on wake riding and the concepts for down-winding. Once I get some more experience I’ll be back for more. Thanks Rob!.”  Mike L  (Sept 2022)