Find out what one of the fastest surf ski paddlers in the world, Bellingham, WA based Jonas Ecker, does for strength training and to keep his shoulders healthy.  Jonas teaches for Seattle based Salmon Bay Paddle and is a top finisher for international spring kayak races such as last summer’s Pan American Championships and the U23 World Championships in Hungary.
Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Warm-up
Jonas – These exercises are good, I don’t do them before paddling but I do them as warm up for lifting.
Men’s Journal video: Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Warm-up


Overhead Shoulder Press with Dumbbells

Jonas – The Overhead shoulder press with dumbbells is also good.

Variations of Flys

Jonas – These variations of flies are also good, but start with reaaally low weight and move slowly. The low and slow method engages the smaller muscles that fatigue quick versus allowing the bigger muscles to push through


Extras Strengthening Options..

Jonas – I usually tack on 10-15 min to the end of my normal lifts (3 times a week). a 1 min plank and/or 1 min abs and repeat that for as long as I want. Any ab exercise are good –  just make sure you diversify between the upper and lower regions.

About Jonas Ecker..

From Bellingham, WA, Jonas has been paddling surf ski’s and sprint kayaks since the age of 10. In sprint, Jonas has competed as a member of the US National Team since 2018 and currently holds all four Men’s K1 National titles. In the summer of 2022, participated in the  Pan-American Championships this summer (2022). And in 2022, the U23 World Championships in Hungary where he placed 3rd in U23 MK2 500m.  Jonas has taken podium spots at top events such as the Canadian Downwind Championships and the Gorge Downwind Championships. Jonas also explores the backcountry and is studying at the University of Washington for a Major in Marine Biology and a Minor in Chemistry.  Jonas is also a surf ski instructor for Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle.
About writer Rob Casey – Named a pioneer in the SUP industry by Stand Up Journal, Rob is the author of “Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers” and “Kayaking Puget Sound and the San Juans, 60 Trips.” Rob owns SUP, Surf Ski and Kayak school Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle.

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