Surf Ski Clinic with Jonas Ecker

In this Intermediate Surf Ski Clinic with Jonas Ecker, you’ll get new skills to help you go faster, be more stable and get to your next level.

The session is 3hrs and packed full of tons of helpful insights from helping you perfect your forward stroke and leg drive to increasing speed by being more efficient through working less.

Classes are kept small so you get more instructor time. Jonas works with each student individually and as a group. Open to beginners looking to get started and learning to remount easier.

Jonas is only available for these sessions. We’re lucky to have him available to work with us!

The clinics take place at the Ballard Elks beach n Seattle.

This is an advanced beginner to intermediate class and you should have your own ski, paddle and a reliable remount.

Seattle Clinic Dates:

  • Fall 2022Oct 22 / Nov 5, 19 / Dec 3, 10
  • Limited to 4 participants each
  • Must have your own ski and a reliable remount
  • Rental wetsuits and vest PFDs free with the class


About Jonas..

Jonas is from Bellingham, WA and has been paddling surf ski’s and sprint kayaks since the age of 10. In sprint, Jonas has competed as a member of the US National Team since 2018 and currently holds all four Men’s K1 National titles. He most recently qualified to represent Team USA at the Senior World, U23 World, and Pan-American Championships this summer (2022).

In ski, Jonas has taken podium spots at top events such as the Canadian Downwind Championships and the Gorge Downwind Championships. Jonas also explores the backcountry and is studying at the University of Washington for a Major in Marine Biology and a Minor in Chemistry.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Beginners to advanced paddlers who can remount your own ski
  • Must have your own surf ski we can supply wetsuits, boots, gloves and pfd for an extra rental fee.($15 per session)
  • Know basic swimming skills
  • Leash and PDF required (We can supply)


  • Group Class Size: 4 people
  • Class Duration: 3 hours.  Includes both land and water instruction. Go at your own pace
  • Location: Ballard Elks Lodge beach (Seattle)
  • No Surf Ski Rentals for this class. Wetsuits rentals are available for $15 each.
  • Private classes available 

After Class Extras

  • Instructor Follow-up After Class – We’ll send you a summary of skills you learned in your lesson as well as our favorite marine weather and tides apps.
  • You’ll able to join our Facebook Alumni Group to continue learning and for connecting with other paddlers.
  • SBP owner Rob Casey is always available to help you find paddling gear, find places to paddle and help you get to your next level.
  • Receive a 20% discount from Mountaineers Books for any title or Rob’s books: ‘Kayaking Puget Sound‘ and ‘Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers.
  • Everyone gets a Salmon Bay Paddle sticker!


Public Group Classes (3-4 Students): 223 per person


  • No Ski Rentals for this class.
  • Wetsuit Rentals $15  per person – 4/3mm wetsuit, hood, booties & gloves
  • We recommend using your own gear –  It’s best to learn on your own gear if you have it.
  • Rates are non-negotiable / Gratuities are always welcome. 

Contact me for any questions


Skill Prerequisites: Intermediate

You should have your own ski, know how to remount and have basic swimming skills.

Testimonial – 

“Jonas was great… He gave some great instruction on leg drive timing and paddle stroke and trunk and engaging core and lots and the efficiency of the body and what the function of our body is in the boat to hit that stroke right. So that was all really great information and I’d love to do more stuff with him.”  — Holly R, Port Townsend, WA

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