Surf Ski Clinic with Jonas Ecker

Surf Ski Clinic with Jonas Ecker

$249 per person

In this Surf Ski Clinic with Jonas Ecker, you’ll gain news skills to go faster, be more stable, and get to your next level.

The class is packed full of insight, from perfecting your forward stroke and leg drive, to increasing speed while working less.

Class is limited in size so you get more personal instructor time. Jonas works with each student individually and as a group to advance skills and knowledge.

About Jonas:

Jonas is from Bellingham, WA and has been paddling surf skis and sprint kayaks since the age of 10. In sprint, Jonas has competed as a member of the US National Team since 2018 and currently holds all four Men’s K1 National titles. He recently qualified to represent Team USA at the Senior World, U23 World, and Pan-American Championships this summer (2022). 

In ski, Jonas has taken podium spots at top events such as the Canadian Downwind Championships and the Gorge Downwind Championships. Jonas also explores the backcountry and is studying at the University of Washington.

Who should take this class: 

  • Beginner to advanced paddlers who can remount their ski on both sides
  • Basic swimming skills
  • Leash and vest PDF required
  • Have a wetsuit or borrow one from us

FREE with Class: 

  • Summary of skills learned
  • Alumni discount on future classes
  • Addition to our Facebook Alumni Group
  • 10% discount from any item at Urban Surf under $1k
  • Salmon Bay Paddle decal

Class Details:

  • Location: Ballard Elks at Shilshole Bay, Seattle (alternative locations upon request)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Class Size: 4 students
  • Covid: Instructor is fully vaccinated


“Jonas won’t say it, and Rob downplays the fact, but this kid is the fastest sprint paddler in America right now. His sweeps in all distances at Nationals for the last two years prove it. In spite of his success, he remains humble and supportive of the paddling community. Any chance to share time on the water with Jonas is well worth it!” – Kevin Olney –

“The class was well worth the time and money. I received a mix of group training as well as personal instruction. Now I have the task of practicing what I have been taught. I can’t wait to reap the benefits of Jonas’s instruction.”  – Charles Dale, Gig Harbor (Oct 2022)

“Great class Rob. I had some bad habits to break and now I know how to break them! As for me it was money well spent. I often think on many things that I don’t need instruction, but just practice. Today proved that wrong for sure!”  – Craig Haelson (Nov 2022)

“Such a great class. Each time I do this with Jonas, I feel more confident in my boat and with my stroke and technique. Jonas has a great eye for detail and changing up one thing, or focusing on the opposite can change everything. It felt so great getting that leg drive going in the right direction and why I was having trouble.”   – Holly Rasmussen (Nov 2022)


Testimonial – 

“Jonas was great… He gave some great instruction on leg drive timing and paddle stroke and trunk and engaging core and lots and the efficiency of the body and what the function of our body is in the boat to hit that stroke right. So that was all really great information and I’d love to do more stuff with him.”  — Holly R, Port Townsend, WA