Surf Ski Classes

We offer private beginning, intermediate and advanced surf ski lessons from our expert coaches Jonas Ecker and Rob Casey.

What is a Surf Ski?

A surf ski is a high performance sit on top kayak. While they are known for racing they’re also super fun in the surf, downwinding (surfing wind waves) and are great for touring. Unlike a sea kayak, surf skis are super light so easier to carry.  Some surf skis come with a storage hatch or two making them great for day tours and overnight trips. Not all skis are ‘tippy.’

Your Path to Success:

As a beginner, I recommend taking our Surf Ski Training Level 1 first to get the stroke down, directional control, balance tips and learn to remount on both sides. Then try the more advanced classes once you can self-rescue. Our Race Clinics with Jonas Ecker will help you get your next level.

Meet one of our Surf Ski Coaches: Jonas Ecker 

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Our Classes

Surf Ski Clinic with Jonas Ecker

1 Hour – Advanced Beginner and above
Clinic with Team USA racer Jonas Ecker held after the Ballard Elks Monday Night Races. Learn from one of the fastest paddlers in the country – yet a super humble guy!  Class Date: May 16 – 7:45pm.

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Surf Ski Training

3 Hours  – Beginner or Intermediate
Beginner thru Intermediate paddlers looking to learn the basics or get to the next level. All Year.

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Downwinding for Surf Skis in Seattle

3 Hours – Intermediate and Advanced
Learn how to safely downwind your surf ski with wind swell on Puget Sound. Train for Hood River. All year

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Surf Ski Surfing Class

4 Hours – Intermediate
Learn how to surf ski coastal waves on the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington State. All year.

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Surf Ski Freighter Waves Class

3 Hours – Intermediate and Advanced
Learn how to surf waves from large ships on Puget Sound on your surf ski. Train for coastal surfing. Spring-Late Summer.

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Surf Ski Training in Deception Pass

4 Hours – Intermediate
Learn how to paddle your surf ski in the tidal rapids of Deception Pass.  Great training for the DP Challenge. All year.

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Tug Surfing for Surf Skis

3 Hours – Intermediate and Advanced
Find out when, where and how to surf epic half mile waves from coastal tugs in Seattle. Wed & Fridays. All year.

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  • Contact me first about the class you’re interested in.

Beginning – You’re new to paddling and/or have limited experience and/or have difficulty with balance on your ski, self-rescue, etc.

Intermediate – You have at least a year of regular paddling in a variety of conditions, can paddle over small waves, in wind and on boat wakes, can capsize, wet-exit and get back on easily.

Advanced – You can comfortably paddle in large surf, downwind in high winds, paddle rivers and/or open water or swift current in most big conditions.

Check out my Paddling BookKayaking Puget Sound and the San Juans, 60 Trips from Mountaineers Books. 

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