My 1.5 year old Xcel Infinity 4/3 is fraying at the edges and I have several wear spots and a few recent holes.  My gear tends to wear quickly despite regular cleaning as I paddle 4x times a week annually mostly in saltwater in both a SUP and a kayak.

That said I needed a quick fix for 2 worn spots before teaching a SUP class in whitewater the other day.  Being a procrastinator, it was too late in the day to find a regular surf shop fix and I was never a fan of sticky tar looking stuff surf shops sell for repairing neoprene.  I opted for ‘water resistent’ super glue in the garage. Taking a risk, I squeezed a few dabs on the holes, then re-applied one more dab each as some of the first soaked in a bit to the fabric.  It dried solid in about 10 minutes – good to go!

The class in the tidal rapids of Deception Pass in Washington State required swimming, climbing on the board, etc.  The glue held well and kept the water out.  I’ll continue to watch it to see if it clings to the neoprene.  If successful, I’m stoked to find an affordable and easy to access product to fix gear on the road.  Marine stores often sell waterproof super glues as well.

I won’t be ordering another Infinity as they don’t last long and rarely does their office return my calls. A student of mine did suggest ProMotion wetsuits from Hood River, Oregon.  He mentioned they are more reliable than many larger national company suits, just as warm, but much more affordable.  You can order a custom suit for the price as a stock one.  Plus there’s no sales tax in Oregon.  Check em’ out..  ProMotion wetsuit.com

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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