Coastal, Puget Sound and San Juan Island Tours

We offer year round paddling tours so you can explore our many beautiful urban and wilderness water locations. All tours include gear and optional expert instruction from Rob Casey or our certified guides. Click here for information on our instructors.

How to Sign Up
Browse the different tours below and select a tour that its your skill level (see Skill Level Chart below). Then Contact us to discuss your interests and how we can best assist you. Some of our tours are on our calendar or contact us for a date that fits your schedule. Custom tour locations welcome, call us to discuss. We prefer to chat with you before signing up.


SHILSHOLE BAY – SEATTLE – An inner city escape with harbor seals and mountain views. Visit the Chittenden Locks, West Point Lighthouse or Shilshole Marina. Enjoy bald eagles overhead and rich marine life under you feet. Jumping salmon may be present during runs.

FRESHWATER BAY COASTAL TOUR / OLYMPIC PENINSULA – Strait of Juan de Fuca coastal trip under 300′ cliffs with remote pocket beaches, a rugged shoreline lined with tidal pools filled with rich marine life. Visit a harbor seal rookery with bald eagles over head. This route will give you a taste of coastal NW paddling.

OVERNIGHT SUP TOURS ON PUGET SOUND & THE SAN JUAN ISLAND'S – Learn how to outfit your board, pack and plan an overnight trip on Puget Sound while camping on an island. Camping along the Cascadia Marine Trail enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains while surrounded by rich marine life seemingly far from the city. Depending on conditions and group skill level, we may camp on either Blake, Cypress, Hope or Skagit Islands.



BEGINNER: No experience on a board or limited skills. You aren’t comfortable on bumps, have only paddled a few times and/or haven’t fallen off a board yet. Take our SUP Sampler, SUP Basics or Fundamentals Skills.

LEVEL 1: Advanced Beginner. You can stand with ease, paddle straight, can turn with ease, and can fall off and get back on your board. Some experience with bumps such as boat wakes or wind waves.

LEVEL 2: Intermediate. Solid flat water paddling skills: ability to turn and stop with ease in flat or bumpy water. Ability to walk on board, do pivot turns. Rough water experience – ability to manage small boat wakes, wind waves to 3′ and/or navigate gentle current to 4 kts and/or a class 2-3 river. Comfortable with wind to 20kts and surf to 5′. Able to self or group rescue in rough water.

LEVEL 3: Advanced. At least 2 years of paddling experience in open water, river and/or surf. Comfortable with large wind waves to 4′, surf to 6′ and/or fast moving current and winds to 30+kts. Able to self or group rescue in rough water.