Investing in your first SUP can be an expensive endeavor.  Boards tend to run above $600, then you have your wetsuit, paddle and rack.  On top of basic cross bars, many also purchase the SUP racks, which also add height to your car.  I’m just a cross bar, foam pad and cam strap sort of guy.  Others like my friend Ryan are a soft rack and cam strap (no cross bar or rack) sort of guy.

Ryan says his soft rack has travelled with him to South Africa, South America and beyond.  It’s just two foam pad which straps can be ran through. Straps then go through the doors and attach inside the car.  If secured properly your board will be secured solid on your car.  Add nose/tail straps to your bumpers if you have a board 14′ or longer are stacking boards or expect high winds.

Last month I had a loaner car and strapped my board to my car using a folded over yoga mat.  The stickiness of the mat kept the board from sliding on the roof and the cushiness of the mat protected the car roof.  I use straps attached to the Subaru Forester side stock rack things.

However you do it, do a shake and shifting test before you get on the road.  Check your work a few miles down the road to make sure it’s still secure.  You may get a slight dent on your car but it should recover after releasing the strap pressure.

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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips