Sup Paddle Repair Lever Lock Paddles

I have a few adjustable lever-lock Accent paddles that after two years of heavy use in saltwater from my students, and my lack of care that have cables inside the shafts have loosened, thus the rubber ring on the bottom of the interior shaft doesn’t tighten, so the handle isn’t secure.A quick field fix is to tape the interior / exterior shafts but the better more long term solution is to tighten the nut on the bottom the interior shaft, or replace the interior cable if tightening isn’t working.

Kialoa Paddles created some videos showing solutions for both..

How To Adjust the Tension on a KIALOA / ACCENT Adjustable Paddle

Watch Luke Hopkins of Accent Paddles give another take on tightening the lever-lock paddle shaft. 

How To Replace the Cable on a KIALOA / ACCENT Adjustable Handle

Find these adjustable paddles at..
KIALOA PADDLES – Adjustable Cable Kit

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