We are a mobile business that specializes in working with people of all fitness levels and body types who want to enjoy this fun sport. Check out the courses we offer below, or contact us to customize a class to meet your needs..

Click on a class below for an in-depth description. See our Student Skill Level Chart below to determine the best class for you. Our rates are listed at the bottom of each class page. Contact us to discuss your interests and how we can best assist you. We prefer to chat with you before you sign up.
SUP SAMPLER – 1.5 HOURS – This class is a quick introduction to the sport, and includes the essentials to get you started. Held at the Ballard Elks and Aqua Verde on Portage Bay.

STAND UP PADDLING BASICS, LEVEL 1 OR 2 – 3 HOURS – This class offers more in-depth training on all the essential skills. With more water time, learn the basics from standing up, turning, paddling straight, falling safely, and to paddling in boat wakes and light wind.

PADDLE & SURF CAMP – 4 Days – This class is an intensive introduction to SUP with 2 classes on flat water in Seattle and 2 days on the coast learning how to surf and paddle the coast.

FREIGHTER WAVE SURFING CLASS – 3 HOURS - Learn to SUP surf in Seattle on waist- to chest-high waves from container ships. When conditions are right, freighter waves break on shore like coastal beach waves, and the boat has already passed by when the waves start rolling in. This is a class for beginning to advance surfers, and requires at least Level 1 paddling skills. It is offered from Spring to Fall, when tidal conditions are right.

TUG WAVE SURFING CLASS – 3 HOURS – Learn how to catch epic waves from tugs with possible half-mile rides on Puget Sound. Tug waves are caught off shore in deep water, and require more advanced paddling skills. This class is year-round

TIDAL RAPIDS AT DECEPTION PASS – Half day - Learn to paddle in river-like current in an amazing location. This class is a great confidence builder, and a great way to cross-train for downwinding, surfing, and paddle trips.

SURF CAMPS – For a more in-depth sup surfing experience, join us on the Washington coast for a 2 or 3-day surf camp. This class requires Level 1 paddling skills, and is great for beginning to experienced SUP surfers who want to learn the basics or improve skills.

SUP SURFING – Half day -Learn the basics of surfing ocean waves on the Washington Coast or Strait of Juan d Fuca. This class requires Level 1 paddling skills.

SEA KAYAKING 101 – 4hrs -Learn the basics of sea kayaking for the Pacific Northwest. This class will prepare to rent on your own and take day trips on Puget Sound or lakes.

SURF KAYAKING 101 – 4hrs -Learn how to surf a kayak on the coast or on Seattle based freighter waves. Super fun but also a great skill builder for building your confidence for paddling trips and open water.

SURF KAYAKING 102 – 4hrs -Got the basics down? Let's take your skills to the next level - Learn rough water skills, pro outfitting, an efficient forward stroke, advanced directional control and trip prep.


BEGINNER: You have had no or limited experience on a board or have limited skills. You aren’t comfortable in bumpy water, have only paddled a few times and/or haven’t fallen off a board yet. (If you haven’t fallen, you’re likely not pushing your skills to the next level.) Take our SUP Sampler or SUP Basics Level 1 Course.

LEVEL 1: Advanced Beginner. You are relaxed standing on a board, know how to paddle straight, have directional control, and can fall off and get back on your board. Some experience paddling with boat wakes or wind waves.

LEVEL 2: Intermediate. You have solid flat water paddling skills, which includes the ability to turn and stop with ease in both flat or bumpy water. You are able to walk on a board and know how to execute both a cross-bow and pivot turn. You are relaxed paddling in small boat wakes, wind waves up to 3’ or swell up to 4′. You are able to navigate gentle current to 4 knots and/or at least a class 2 river. You have water safety skills and are able to self-rescue or assist with a group rescue in rough water.

LEVEL 3: Advanced. You have at least 2 years of paddling experience in open water, river and/or surf, and are comfortable with large wind waves to 4′, surf to 6′ and/or fast moving current and winds to 30+kts. You have water safety skills and are able to self-rescue or assist with a group rescue in rough water.

"Okay, I admit it. I am a demanding student, wary of wannabe "instructors" who buy a few boards and think they can ride the wave of trendiness of SUP, providing mediocre at best lessons. That was not what I found with Rob. Rob has committed not only to becoming an expert instructor but also to promoting excellence in SUP instruction. He was accommodating, knowledgable and able to take anyone from novice to advanced to a new level of ability. We had a great time and I feel really good about my whitewater skills moving both upstreams using eddies and downstream in current. I just wish I had time to take the surf lessons! Even though I travel from Portland ME, I plan on going back and Salmon Bay Paddle is the primary reason!" Heidi H, Portland, Maine

"Safety and prevention of injury are extremely important to Rob and that is why I am continuing paddling sessions. There is not a moment in his instruction that he is not thinking of both. He accommodates your level of comfort and meets your learning pace. This is an amazing sport for women over 60. Great for balance and core strength. I am conquering my fears with his help." Debra O

"I've been paddling on flat water for about a year and thought I was pretty good. Then Rob patiently explained how to make my paddling more efficient, how to deal with swells and choppy water and how to be more comfortable and safe on the board. In one hour, I became a much better paddler. If SUP is new to you or if you've been at it for a while, Rob will help you have more fun on a paddle board." Karsten H, Bend, OR