Check out our new video showing samples of the Flip Rescue and 3 methods of getting a person back to shore in an emergency.  There are other methods of getting someone back on their board and all rescues are different, so try it, try variations including in bumpy water, see what works so you’ll be better prepared when you need to help someone.

Read my articles on Flip Rescues & Towing for SUPs. These have tons of details on how to do it, pros and cons, alternatives, etc.  Got questions? Give me a holler.. salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com

Flip Rescue Revisted

Flip Rescue Additional Tips

The Flip Rescue

Towing Articles:

Using Tow Ropes for SUP Rescues

Tow Systems for SUPS

Any questions give me a holler: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com / 206.465.7167
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