SUP Business Consulting


Starting a SUP or paddling related business? Ready to learn how to start successfully by designing your business model, create an easy to use marketing plan, smart pricing, locating equipment and building community?

With over 25 years in small business and nearly a decade in the outdoor recreation I can guide you to avoid the mistakes that so many business owners make when launching their businesses.

What You'll Learn and Walk Away With:

  • Choosing the best business model and assistance setting it up
  • Developing an easy to use and effective marketing plan that will grow your business, including SEO
  • Building community through educational and competitive events
  • Choosing paddling clothing and equipment, finding reps, storage and safe transport of gear
  • Assistance with developing educational programs, curricula and pricing
  • Hiring and training of staff and developing a staff training manual.
  • How to generate great reviews and replace negative reviews
  • How to stand out and be unique in your market
  • Starting and maintaining a safe rental program
  • Developing international outdoor trips and programs
  • How to design an effective website and help improve your existing site.


    Who is a Good Fit for Consulting with Rob?
    You're looking to start a business or are seeking to improve your current business, you're tired of getting caught in the race to the bottom with your pricing, want to save time and money making money faster and efficiently by having someone who has 'been there done that' and has the t-shirt for it. I am the leading authority in this arena..heck I even wrote the book on it - Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers.

    Hourly: 125 - 2 hour minimum. Additional hours per session or post session @ $150 (phone and/or email.)
    Monthly: 600. Includes two 1 hr phone chats and unlimited emails.

    PSUPA Members: Hourly: 115 - 2 hour minimum. Additional hours per session or post session $125 (phone and/or email.)
    Monthly: 500. Includes two 1 hr phone chats and unlimited emails.

    Add PSUPA Annual Membership: $75. Join a leading SUP instructor training and certification program.

    Rob Casey has tremendous knowledge in paddling sports and a vast experience in both teaching and running long time standing sustainable businesses. Rob managed to give me crucial advice and pointers for my paddle board school in time of crisis. These have proven to make considerable improvements and contributed to the revival of my operations. - Isabelle Malique-Park The Stand Up Paddling School, Singapore