A chat with Dave Kalama a few months ago brough up the issue of board security. He mentioned the several boards in Maui had been stolen from carslast spring. A few weeks ago, a friend sold a kayak to a guy on Craigslist who in turn had his ‘new’ boat stolen from the top of his car a day later.

There’s several products available to help prevent theft of your gear. In looking for options, keep in mind other sports in case those products work for you. So if you’re a SUP’er, also check out kayak shops for the Lasso Security Cables (designed for kayaks) which also work on boards. That’s what I already have, so no need to get another system for my boards.

Here’s a few options:

DocksLocks are designed for surfboards and SUPs as the lock attaches directly to your leash plug.

KanuLock is a great idea for both boards and kayaks. The lock is built into the steel re-inforced straps, brilliant idea.

Lasso Security Cables: The company has a few products available. I have the “Original:Touring” model which has two loops that go around your SUP or kayak ends and secures with a cable in the middle around you rack.

LashLock is another system originally designed for kayaks.

Thule and Yakima racks can also be locked to your car which is essential in allowing the above options to be effective. If you don’t use a rack or are securing your gear to a stationary object, several of the above options still work.

SUP Surfing Magazine has an article on this topic as well on their site:

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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