SUP Adventure Tour on Blake Island

Learn SUP Adventure touring skills in this two and a half day trip as we paddle to Blake Island State Park. A marine State Park, Blake Island is on Puget Sound a few miles west of Seattle and is tucked between Bainbridge and Vashon Islands,  Only a few miles from Seattle, you’ll feel you’re much further away!  Access to Blake is easy for all skill levels as there’s short and long routes to the island.

The mostly forested island has a walking trail surrounding the island and you can circumnavigate the island via beach if the tide allows. We can also explore the island via water.  The only development on Blake is the Salish style longhouse of Tillicum Village which provides a salmon dinner and traditional Salish dances. To participate, your tour would have to be aligned with their dinner schedule.   Read more about Blake Island.


Half Day – Learn which gear to bring on a trip, how to pack and outfit your board, as well as marine navigation, safety and on-water communication.  The half day can be applied to on-water time for a second night for an additional fee.  The Half Day can also be on-water skills development to prepare for your trip.  

Day 1 – We’ll pick a route that fits the skill level for you or your group. On-water we’ll discuss hands-on navigation, boating right of way and how to read weather and the water to make the best paddling decisions. Once on the island, we’ll set up camp, relax and/or explore the mostly forested island and it’s empty beaches. 

Day 2 – After breakfast, we’ll determine our tides and weather situation, pack up and  paddle back to our put-in.  

Skill Prerequisites: Intermediate 

You have taken our SUP Basics 2 class and/or have proven experience standing in bumps from boat wakes and/or wind. You can paddle mostly straight for 1 mile, can fall and get back on easily in conditions. You can paddle up wind, in side-winds and can paddle over small waves standing. Your Half Day class can include paddling techniques. Questions on your skills? Let’s chat.  

“I’ve had many SUP, surfing (and beyond) lessons world-wide but I haven’t found an expert in the area that compares to Rob’s level of quality experience, competency and teaching skills. Rob emphasizes safety first and caters to each individuals personal learning style in delivering quality instruction to paddlers of all levels. He truly went above and beyond and has set the bar extremely high for a business model that I hope to mirror. I will definitely return to him for further training.”

- Amber W

Class Details:


July 27 – 28

Custom Scheduled Class Option – Contact me for a time that best fits your schedule. Dates also depend on tides and currents.

Trip Size: 1-6 

These trips are Self-Catered: This means you cook your own food but I can supply some cooking equipment. Tillicum Village participation means less cooking gear and food to carry.


Group Rate (3-6 people):  399 per person with all rentals /  349 with your own gear.

2 Person Rate – 599 per person with rentals / 549 with your own gear. 

1-1 Private Rate: 1,200 with rental equipment / 1,100 with your own gear. 

Rentals include: A stable touring board, paddle, leash, lifejacket, wetsuit and booties, gloves and basic camping and cooking gear.

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“Rob is an expert in SUP and offers even more relevant training and helpful information because of his background in kayaking. His skill, knowledge and expertise exceeded my expectations. He presented the information and training in a very clear and concise manner; adding many various tips throughout his instruction. Rob is encouraging, patient and practical – all very important traits when teaching a subject. The course more than met my needs – I learned a lot and as a beginner – I have a lot to learn. I will continue to turn to him as my ‘go to’ resource in all matters SUP. I’m extremely glad I chose Salmon Bay Paddle and Rob for my first professional training in SUP. I felt safe and confident with him the whole time.”

- Leah R

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