Salmon Bay Paddle Student Info Form

Please scroll down to fill in all required fields and hit SUBMIT to send form. If you are signing up a group, please submit a new form for each person so we have the correct information for each person in a group. Thank you!

  • What class did you sign up for and what is the date of your scheduled class?
  • For example: YES - 180lbs / 6'5"
  • For example: YES - 180lbs / 6'5" - We will determine whether to use per each day's weather.
  • For example: YES - 8 (No half sizes)
  • We will store EPI Pens, inhalers, masks etc in a waterproofed dry bag on-water. Bring a strap for prescription and sun glasses.
    We recommend Orca Swim School if seeking lessons.

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