This is a quicky guide to paddling on the South Puget Sound area. The info is copy and pasted from a iPaddlesurf.com posting I wrote this morning. Will add more and edit later…

The South Puget Sound is pretty nice. Some areas have strong fun currents to play with as well. A few paddles i’d recommend:
*NOTE: get a tide chart as currents can be strong. Best to plan with the currents.

From Boston Harbor as a starting point (north of Oly a few miles)..
– Paddle to Hope Island, a great island only available via non motorized craft. the WWTA have a campsite there. There’s fun light currents that circle the island. A walking trail is nice for a poke around as well. About 1-2 miles north of Boston Hbr.
– Across from Hope is Squaxin Island, The Squaxin indian rez that has no development on it. It’s very pristine and resembles what the area looked like prior to the pioneer’s arrival. Paddling around Squaxin is also fun. I believe landing is illegal. There’s a few currents to the south of the island that might put off standing waves on an opposing wind. Check tide tables, etc.
– Paddling to the right of Boston Harbor to the south end of Harstine Island is pretty scenic with a few currents as well.
– If the tidal push is right, head up Hammersely Inlet, i hear there’s standing waves at the entry to the Sound on occasion.
(note: i love rougher water, hence the info on currents, waves, etc.).
– Also Henderson Inlet to the right of Boston might be nice, less developed.

http://www.wwta.org (develops kayak camping trails)
Local Tides: http://www.saltwatertides.com/dynamic.dir/washingtonsites.html
Local paddling guide: http://www.mountaineersbooks.org/productdetails.cfm?PC=1040

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