I gave up drysuits several years ago as I was tired of the baggy fit and high maintenance of taking care of the suit – zippers, latex gaskets, and gortex repairs. They never seemed that dry and as a kayaker even after burping, or removing air out, there always some air pockets left which became an issue with rolling. Despite the popularity of drysuits in my region mostly with kayakers, I also never felt completely warm in them thus eventually switched to full surfing wetsuits.

A friend suggested I try out the Soul drysuit by Ocean Rodeo of Victoria, BC. After a week of paddling a SUP and kayak in classic late winter NW conditions – 30 degree air, 40 degree water, high wind and rain, the Soul may of changed my mind about drysuits.

The Soul has a built in jacket with detachable hood which protects the zipper and really helps retain your heat. The jacket also has hand warmer pockets and an opening in the front to attach a tow rope, inflatable pfd, or kite harness. The suit’s plastic zippers never leaked and were easier to open and close than those of other suits. The Soul was flexible, comfortable, and was less baggy than most suits which also made it easier for swimming. My partner Christy felt it even looked stylish and more like a outer shell jacket and rain pants than the Michelin Man baggy drysuits that we see on paddlers in our area. Retail in US $849.

Check it out..

Video of the Soul in action:

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