A neighbor called today complaining of a sore hand, he thinks due to his SUP paddling. I offered some tips on relieving or better yet, preventing pain.

  • Always use the lightest grip possible on the paddle.  Lower hand should resemble the OK sign, upper thumb should hook the t-grip with gently resting the rest of the hand on top.  Wrist and forearms should be in align, not cocked at an angle.  Both hand.
  • Straight ish arm stroke revieves pressure from your hands.
  • Relax!  Even when you’re going faster or are rushing, chill.. Relax you’ll go faster doing so.
  • Get a bent shaft paddle. Werner has 2 which make your forearm/wrists straight without having to think about doing it.  
  • How heavy is your paddle?  Get carbon, super light. Paddle weight adds stress to your arms, shoulders, etc.  
  • Buy a dihedral blade.  Dihedral blades reduce flutter while you’re pulling the blade through the water.  Dihedral is the raised line that follows past the shaft and onto the power face of your blade.  This splits the water in two directions – like a pointed board or boat bow.  In turn it helps reduce stress on your wrist and arms. 

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips