Seventy48 Race Training

Signed up for the Seventy48 but not sure what to do or how to get there? I can help relieve your confusion of how to tackle this epic race.

Schedule: You have two options - Take one of my clinics which I'll be offering throughout the Winter and Spring. Send me a note so I can put your on my mailing list for clinic updates. OR if you're not in the NW, you can sign up for a phone consultation session.

Location: Classroom sessions will be held in Seattle. On-water sessions will be in Seattle and in Deception Pass and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Who Should Sign Up: You have been accepted as a participant in the Seventy48, or you're thinking about signing up.

Why Hire Me? As author of Kayaking Puget Sound and the San Juans and with 17 years of experience as a paddler on Puget Sound I have an in-depth knowledge of this waterway in all seasons and conditions. I started as a sea kayaker and later added SUP to my skills thus can help you no matter your craft. My business Salmon Bay Paddle provides SUP instruction throughout the Sound including Deception Pass and surfing on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I'm known for surfing freighter and tug waves in Seattle on Shilshole Bay. My methodology for paddling is paddle smarter not harder. Check out my blog for Seventy48 tips.


Hands-on Seventy48 Route Strategy and Route Finding Class

Using my motto 'Paddle Smarter not Harder' we'll discuss the smartest way to get to Port Townsend working with the currents, wind and hopefully some beneficial boat wakes or wind. I'll explain why paddling A to B isn't the smartest path and show you how to avoid the flood current without having to wait for ebb. There will be hand-outs and list of resources to take home.

Duration: 2hrs / Seattle. Cost: $75 / 1st Date: Wed Feb 21th @ Holly H Studio - Oak Tree - Contact me first before signing up. SIGN-UP

Hands-on Seventy48 How to Outfit & Pack Your SUP, OC, Prone or Kayak to Maximize Space

Have you thought about how you're going to carry your camping gear, food and hydration? Learn about different methods of securing gear to your board, OC, or kayak. Learn how pack like a minimalist, keep your weight super light but still bring the essentials to stay healthy and comfortable. We'll discuss how to outfit your board deck, keep your load compact and how to prevent shifting, as well as how to maximize interior cockpit space for kayaks. Less is more if you're in a hurry.

Duration: 2hrs / Seattle. Cost: $75 / 1st Date: Wed Feb 28th. Location TBA. Contact me first before signing up. SIGN-UP

Hands-on Marine Navigation Class with David Burch

David is the author of the Fundamentals of Kayaking Navigation, Modern Marine Weather and Puget Sound Currents among other titles. He has offered to give Seventy48 racers and friends a 2 evening a week for 2 weeks class on paddlers' night and day navigation methods. The course curriculum will be designed with the Seventy48 route in mind.

Date TBA March or April. Schedule - Tu and Thurs (2 wks) 6:30-9:30 in Seattle. Cost: $120 for 10 people. Read more about David and his business at:

Karl Kruger Talk

We'll welcome R2AK SUP winner Karl Kruger to chat with us about long distance SUP racing. Karl will discuss how he chose his board, outritting, nutrition, technique and how he made it 750 miles in 14 days from Port Townsend to Ketchikan AK last June. Schedule: Spring 2018, date TBA. Cost: $45pp

Seventy48 Class - How to Read Water and Paddle Up Current and Wind

The biggest thing I hear from those doing this race is their fear of the flood current. In this class I'll show you how to read water so you know where the currents are so you can find the smartest path ahead. I'll also show you how to paddle up current in bays, around points or in areas where you only have a 2' wide eddy to work with. If you're on sup, I'll suggest a few gear additions and paddling tips to give you an up current and up wind advantage.

Duration: 3hrs / Seattle or Deception Pass. Date: Feb 11th 10am (Seattle) / OR Deception Pass (Feb 17 / April 14) OR 1-1 on your schedule. Cost: 199 for 3 or more people / 299 for 2 people / 399 for one person. All gear provided.

Seventy48 Class - Rough Water Paddling

There's no telling what sort of conditions we'll get for this race. But we will get rec boat, ship and ferry wakes and possible wind waves. Can you handle a 5' freighter wave on your beam side? Do you know how to take advantage of a wave or downwind conditions to get you a free ride? Can you downwind at night? In this class I'll show you how to paddle in a variety of funky conditions and big waves whether on a sup, kayak or other craft. The more comfortable you are in waves the more fun you'll have, and get there sooner!

Duration: 3hrs / Deception Pass (Feb 17 / April 14). Cost: 199 for 3 or more people / 299 for 2 people / 399 for one person. All SUP gear provided (for non sups, we can provide wetsuits, helmets, PFDs, etc.

Consulting Session Details

What You'll Learn and Walk Away With:

  • Choosing the best local tide, traffic and weather forecasting tools for reliable real time data
  • Assistance with your route options using current, wind and waves to your advantage
  • How to paddle at night safely staying on track and off the news
  • Developing a successful fitness program by working with a local fitness trainer and physical therapist
  • Safety - Choosing communication devices, signaling, backup plans and the right paddling buddy
  • How to outfit your paddling craft and pack for an overnight trip
  • Developing a nutrition and hydration plan
  • Recommended pre-race paddle training to make sure you're prepared/li>
  • Where to camp and take breaks along the race route/li>
  • Traveling to the area? I can assist with finding local resources for your trip/li>

    Hourly: First 10min free. Then 125 - 2 hour minimum. Additional hours per session or post session @ $150 (phone and/or email.)

    Monthly: 600. Includes two 1 hr phone chats and unlimited emails.

    PSUPA Members: Hourly: 115 - 2 hour minimum. Additional hours per session or post session $125 (phone and/or email.) Monthly: 500. Includes two 1 hr phone chats and unlimited emails.