Seventy48 Race Training

Seventy48 Race Training will help prepare you for this epic 70 mile race on Puget Sound. Learn from those who have done the race! 3 SBP instructors have completed the race.

Training for this race will be different for everyone giving your experience, fitness level, whether you’ve done long distance races or not.  We’ll give you insight on training, mental preparedness, the best gear, packing, nutrition during the race, hydration and making time saving smart route decisions.

Seventy48 Race Training is Customized to your Needs. Shore classes and can be done online via Zoom and/or in person. Each session covers specific skills and info to give you the most info. We’ll arrange a plan and rates to fit you interests.

Whether you’e an elite athlete and want to finish it in a day, or take your time, our Seventy48 Race Training will help you get there safer, while staying healthy and having fun.

Join the Seventy 48 Training Group, a private FB group where we’ll offer online chats with those who have completed the race.

Get free access to my online courses for each level.  And be added to the Salmon Bay Paddle alumni group and receive Alumni discounts for future classes. You’ll also receive post class summaries on what we covered, gear lists and more.

Seventy48 Race Training is a private class for you and/or your family and friends set to your schedule. We recommend you complete the program in 3-4 months.

Class Options – Stroke Analysis

You want to be as efficient as possible on long endurance paddles.

  • Get stroke analysis and training to make sure you have the most efficient pace
  • Learn how to use fitness devices to improve your pace and distance
  • Learn to read water so you get there easier with less effort making smarter route decisions
  • Find out how to use efficient strokes using finesse to prevent shoulder injuries

Class Options – Route Planning and Water Safety

Learn marine navigation, night paddling tips and paddling with boats

  • Find out how to plan you trip and read currents on-water to get there easier
  • Learn how tides, currents and wind work
  • Learn marine navigation in reading charts and setting a bearing to find your way
  • We’ll discuss routes to PT and which to take and when
  • How to navigate at night and / or when you’re fatigued and not thinking straight
  • How to test the course pre-race so the race is more familiar once underway
  • Get tips for paddling safely with other boats, ships, ferries and doing so at night
  • Tips for communication, VHF use and lighting

Or take these classes: Tides, Currents and Wind Class and/or our Marine Navigation Class (chart use)

Class 3 – Rough Water Training

You can’t do this race and get to PT unless you can handle rough water!  2021’s storms are an example of what can happen.

  • Learn how to paddle upwind, side wind and downwind
  • Boat wakes are your friends, find out why
  • Find out how to stay calm and in control in heavy conditions
  • How to dress for rough water and the possibility of capsize and self-recovery
  • Paddling in rough water at night
  • How to Downwind Surf to take advantage of winds to get you there easier
  • How to surf ship, boat and ferry wakes. Get a free ride.

Class Options – Outfitting – Be Gear Prepared

Being able to access that power bar or paddling top quickly in the dark will help make it a good vs a miserable journey.

  • Packing and outfitting your board, kayak or other watercraft
  • What to pack, how to stay light and still have your essentials
  • Carrying water and knowing when and where to re-fill
  • Paddling camping tips and techniques and guerrilla camp tips.
  • How to spend your race breaks – where to stay, how long, when to avoid conditions
  • What to wear, what not to bring!


Duration: Variable upon your training plan

Location: Online or in person. Depends on goals. Extra fee for out of Seattle travel classes.


Rates depend on how many classes, duration, location, etc.. let’s chat!


Contact Me for More Info


“I’ve had many SUP, surfing (and beyond) lessons world-wide but I haven’t found an expert in the area that compares to Rob’s level of quality experience, competency and teaching skills. Rob emphasizes safety first and caters to each individuals personal learning style in delivering quality instruction to paddlers of all levels. He truly went above and beyond and has set the bar extremely high for a business model that I hope to mirror. I will definitely return to him for further training.

Amber M

“Just like the other reviewers, I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Rob of Salmon Bay Paddlers. With COVID preventing my other sport, I’ve been paddleboarding a lot lately on Lake Sammamish. I’ve only done recreational paddle boarding on holidays before so I wanted to check out formal training so that I could improve my skills and feel safe going out on the Sound or other larger, busier bodies of water that I’m far less familiar with.

Rob is a wealth of information, I’m a rower so I have some water skills but not others and he was perfect at covering what I needed and skipping past what I already knew. He answered a variety of my questions about everything from currents to wetsuits to boards to racing.

I walked away feeling he’s not only the expert but he really loves both paddle boarding itself as well as helping others enjoy paddle boarding. I can’t wait to sign up for more training from him..”


“Excellent experience! Rob is not only extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects of SUP, but also many other factors that will enhance your experience. Among these, safety on the water, PNW places to explore, history and culture of the sport, a laundry list of tips on how to enjoy the SUP lifestyle year round and a solid under standing of the natural elements (tides, swells, wind patterns, geological and hydrological features, etc…).

He truly has a passion for the sport and demonstrates patience and expertise in his teaching. I recently took a SUP surfing class with him and in just 3 hours picked up a TON of things I can practice both in the surf and open water. I also had a lot of fun in during the lesson. Time spent with him will result in greater proficiency, more fun and a safe time on the water. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Blake B

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