Sea Kayaking Level 2

Sea Kayaking Level 2

Take your kayak skills to the next level with Sea Kayaking Level 2. Learn how to turn on a dime, stay stable in rough water and make smarter route planning decisions.This class will give you more confidence with paddling on your own and; going on trips and paddling on more than just glassy days.

Improve your kayak solo and assisted rescues and learn more safety skills.

If conditions allow, you’ll learn how to paddle in wind, boat wakes and wind waves. These skills  will bump your skill level thus allowing you to paddle comfortably in more places.

Our patient ACA certified instructors will work with you at your skill level and learning style.

The class can be customized to your interests.  Available All Year.

Location: Shilshole Bay in Seattle. Alternative locations can be available upon request. Fees applied for outside of Greater Seattle.

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Core Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to edge your kayak so you can turn easier
  • Continue learning more essential kayak rescue skills so you’ll be prepared for your next trip
  • Learn or continue learning kayak rescue skills, essential for any paddling
  • Learn or improve directional control skills like the stern rudder, neutral, pry and a draw to get ultimate control of the boat
  • Get a powerful yet injury free forward stroke so you get there easier with less effort
  • Find out how to stay balanced in bumps with the low brace
  • Get the beginnings of the combat (layback) roll so you can recover from a capsize and build confidence
  • Find out how to read water so you can make smarter route planning decisions
  • What do you want to learn? This class can be customized to your interests.

Class Details:

  • Class Size: 1 – 4 people.
  • Location: Shilshole Bay in Ballard / Seattle
  • Duration: Two 3 hour sessions. Learn at your own pace.
  • We don’t cancel for rain.
  • Schedule: Contact me to schedule.  Available all year.
  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:1 / 1:2
  • We can work with Oru Kayaks
  • COVID – We follow current Covid guidelines. Instructors are vaccinated.

After Class Extras

  • Instructor Follow-up After Class – We’ll send you a summary of skills you learned in your lesson as well as our favorite marine weather and tides apps.
  • You’ll able to join our Facebook Alumni Group to continue learning and for connecting with other paddlers.
  • SBP owner Rob Casey or your instructor are always available to help you find paddling gear, find places to paddle and help you get to your next level.
  • Get a 20% discount from Mountaineers Books for any title. Or get Rob’s book: ‘Kayaking Puget Sound.’
  • Receive a Salmon Bay Paddle sticker!


Kayak Level 2 is two 3 hour sessions

$479 each for 3-4 students | $559 each for 2 students | $769 for 1 student

Rental Gear is Free:

  • Stable Sea kayak, paddle, pump, paddle float, spray skirt, PFD (life vest)
  • Full 4/3mm or 5/4mm wetsuit, booties, hood, gloves
  • Bringing your own gear? *Required Fall-Spring: Drysuit or full 5/4mm wetsuit, winter booties, gloves, hood, vest PFD, sprayskirt for closed deck boats, paddle, kayak with floatation or bulkheads.

Skill Prerequisites: SK L1 or similar.

Advanced Beginner or Intermediate. You have taken our Sea Kayak Level 1 or have similar experience. You can wet-exit and re-enter on you own, paddle straight and have basic edging and bracing skills.  


My lesson with Robert Nissenbaum this weekend was fantastic. He is a great teacher and look forward to working more with him in the future!
David W

it’s a great place to take kayak classes
I learned from Robert in a private class
He helped me to advance a lot, especially in recovery techniques, strokers and many other things
He is a very devoted coach giving very helpful individualized instructions. Also he helped me a lot with selecting gear
I highly recommend Salmon Bay Paddle!

Andrei L

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