Rules of the Road for Paddlers

Rules of the Road for Paddlers – A Webinar Recording

Purchase our webinar on “Rules of the Road for Paddlers” featuring PNW maritime educator and paddler John Foster who will teach you how to deal with boats on-water.  Who has right of way?  You’ll learn what to do when faced with having to make an important often quick decision when a fast moving boat is coming your way.

John’s words “My presentation focuses on how the rules apply to human powered craft (paddlers) and how to use your knowledge of the rules to keep yourself safe on the water.”

Click Here to Purchase – $47

  • Webinar was recorded Wednesday May 11th (1.5 hr duration)
  • Format: Zoom webinar.


About the Presenter – John Foster:

“I’ve been paddling regularly since I first moved aboard a leaky houseboat on Lake Union and would paddle to classes while attending University of Washington. I’ve built a number of wooden stitch-and-glue boats, SUPs, and kayaks.

I am a PSUPA-certified instructor and have paddled, toured and SUP camped extensively around Puget Sound. I’ve been teaching Maritime Studies for the past 22 years at the Ballard Maritime Academy in Seattle. I teach the Washington State Safe Boater Certification and Coast Guard OUPV/100 ton license course which includes charting, marine navigation, and maritime rules of the road.

I have led student groups sailing aboard the Schooner Zodiac, cruising aboard the Mosquito fleet steamship Virginia V and on maritime/marine science trips to Maui. I’ve recently begun leading the Ballard Sea Squad with Salmon Bay Paddle, teaching high-school students to learn and grow their paddling skills.”


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