Hammer the Inlet

Hammer the Inlet on Hammersley Inlet – Cancelled

Race Director’s Message (7/16/22):

Due to low interest I’m cancelling this race.  Need up to 25+ to make it a go.  We had 3 a week prior.  If you find this and wonder why, supporting local races especially in cool places keeps these events going.  Signing up early helps keeps the race going. There’s also more races than before, many out for Covid, high gas prices and Hammersley is a lesser known location than say the Gorge.  We are considering adding ‘floats’ or ‘tidal paddles as a replacement to races.  Paddle the same cool places without the competition.

Hammer the Inlet are Short and Long paddling and rowing races on one of the most unique waterways – beautiful Hammersley Inlet in Shelton on South Puget Sound.

The Long Race is roughly a 14-15 mile paddling and rowing race in swift tidal current. The goal is to start at the end of the ebb and get to the end of the Cape Horn before the 2.5 knot flood prevents you from getting there. Slower craft start early. Then enjoy a swift tidal assisted ride on the flood current back to Shelton.  If you catch the returning flood current properly, it’s a 7-10 ish mile race.

Paddlers call this run the ‘Hammersley Shuttle’ or ‘Shuffle’ for the tidal push allowing for a nice glide with current. Back eddies and eddy-lines add a little spice or challenge around the various bends and curves at Skookum and Libby Points and Cape Horn.

Trace the shoreline with EarthViews /  2021 RESULTS / RACE PHOTOS FROM THE EL MISTICO

Main Sponsor: San Juan Seltzer ($100 plus cases of Seltzer!)  Other sponsors: KAVU – Two – $75 Gift Codes

In 2021 participants enjoyed fresh oysters donated by a local oyster farm!

10% proceeds donated to the South Sound Restoration Project.

Date: Cancelled

Long Race Start at 9 AM / Short Course Start at 9:30am

Long Course Currents per Navionics: (0.8m East of Libby Point) 9am – 1.54 knots ebb / 0.33 knots ebb / 11 am 0.96 knots Flood / Noon 2 knots Flood.

** Early Bird Discount -20% until June 17th
Before 7/17 – 1 person $36 | 2 person craft $44 | 3 person craft $52 | 6 person craft $80
After 7/17 – 1 person $45 | 2 person craft $55 | 3 person craft $65 | 6 person craft $100


    • Long Course: Kayaks with bulkheads and floatation 13′ min and SUP minimum 12′-6′” due to distance
    • Short Course: Kayaks with bulkheads and floatation 12′ min and SUP minimum 10′ 
    • Must know how to swim and 100% self-rescue. Not knowing how to remount puts everyone at risk. We will have a gear check pre-race
    • PFD / Life Jackets required to be worn for all racers except prone
    • Leashes required for all craft except rowers. Recommended waist leash for SUPs (regular leash attached to PFD)
    • Hi-vis colors so we can see you
    • Reliable tethered communication device. VHF and/or waterproofed and tethered phone. VHF to channel #69.
    • Recommend running the course on your own prior to the race for best results. Tidal currents and rough water experience recommended
    • Stay clear of boats!  Don’t cross in front of boats.

Terms and Conditions

NOTE –  Regardless of Circumstances:

  • Refunds cannot be issued. Cancelled fees donated to the South Sound Salmon Enhancement Group.
  • Tickets can be transferred between participants only if our registration receives the data prior to race.
  • Tickets cannot be deferred to next year

Long Course

14 – 15 Miles – Turn by Cape Horn – Beat the Flood!

Trace the shoreline using EarthViews (shot on an ebb)

Short Course – 3 Miles:



Parking and restrooms at the Shelton Yacht Club plus a boat ramp for all craft







QUESTIONS / CONTACT: Rob Casey – Email preferred/ 206-465-7167


Course Details / Parking




The MV Mistico turn-a-round boat at the mouth of PIckering Passage.


    • Dec 3 – Deception Pass Dash/Challenge, TBA.


Sound Rowers

Seattle Outrigger Club

Ballard Elks Paddling Club – Summer Monday Night Fundraiser Series

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