Elk Crossing Race Course & Parking Details

Elk Crossing Benevolent Benefit – Seattle Race Series

Date: Saturday Feb 27th –  1:30pm Heats Start.

The Course – 6 miles

Registrants will receive a link to our pre-race Zoom Safety Meeting Friday night 2/26.

Heat start times emailed Friday night.

You’ll do this course twice..

  • Start from the Ballard Elks pilings – Head south from inner pilings to buoy Nun #6 (Left Turn) Watch for boats.
  • Staying slightly Right of Nun #6 line (out of channel) go towards Locks to red Nun #10 (Right Turn)…
  • Right turn at Red Nun #10 (Photo below).  Yield to boats, you Don’t have right of way.
  • Staying Left along shore and out of boating channel, follow back to bay exit and turn Left past red triangle range marker tower.
  • Right Turn around the ‘Big Rock’ heading out to the Sail Club buoy (vertical white buoy, 3′ tall)
  • Right at the Sail Club buoy (vertical white buoy, 3′ tall, photo below)
  • Left at the white/blue bumper buoy in below the waterfront homes (photo below)
  • Back to the north or left side of the Elks wooden pilings. RIGHT TURN inside pilings…
  • Follow above directions for a second run.
  • After second run, finish inside the Elks pilings where marked.

STAY 50 YARDS FROM SEA LIONS ON DOCK.  Roving sea lions can’t really be avoided. Recommend Not paddling into a pod of resting sea lions.



































First RIGHT Turn – Starboard Nun #10 – below Locks











Sail Club Buoy – RIGHT TURN

NOTE: This buoy can be hard to see at a distance especially in waves.  It’s Directly north or out from the Big Rock.











BEPC Bumper Buoy – LEFT TURN – Between Big Rock and Boating Channel




LOCATION – Ballard Elks Lodge, 6411 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA – DIRECTIONS

PARKING – Stay far left (south) side. Distance cars if you can.

BOAT SET-UP – Elks parking lot. Try to keep distanced on beach. Bring boat stands

LAUNCH: Ballard Elks beach, left side of lot. Rowers launch from Golden Gardens boat ramp 1.5m north.









QUESTIONS / CONTACT: Rob Casey – Email 

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