2 Islands Dash Details - April 2, 2022

2 Islands Dash Details

7.8 mile race in light tidal current east of the Deception Pass bridge from Cornet Bay around Holypus Point to Skagit Island and around Hope Island to Ala Spit and return on the ebb current.

Saturday April 2, 2022

2021 Prizes and awards from Seattle Sports Company and KAVU

2021 RESULTS / Photos and Videos from the 2021 Race:

Ava Larson – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I1ravP_x3wcMZcfiKVQcZIRGY0c4N25F

Dan Maher (Firefly Drives): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0dq55K8aVo


The Course –

Starting just after beginning of the Ebb – Beat the ebb at Hope Island!

  • Start from the Cornet Bay Boat Ramp – Head east to round Hoypus Point
  • Thread between Skagit and Kiket Islands
  • Get to the east side of Hope Island before the ebb becomes too strong (Crux spot) east sides of Hope Island
  • Clockwise around Hope Island
  • Shoot down the ebb between Hope and Ala Point.
  • Head back to the Start/Finish Line at Cornet Bay

Tip: Hug the shore for eddy help along Hoypus Point going east. Learn how to do a ferry angle when crossing current to Skagit Island.

Safety Pre-Race Check – Required to Race:

  • All racers will be sent a questionnaire to make sure you have adequate skills for this race.
  • All personal equipment and water craft will be checked on shore prior to launching.


Registrants will receive a link to our pre-race 8pm Zoom Safety Meeting Friday night 

Bring your Discovery Pass or purchase a day parking pass at the boat ramp

Lodging / Camping: Deception Pass State Park.  Lots of AirBnB’s nearby plus lodging in nearby Anacortes and Oak Harbor.

DIRECTIONS to the Cornet Bay Boat Ramp.  A 1.5 hour drive in good traffic from Seattle with no ferry required. Get Keystone ferry reservations if coming from the Olympic Peninsula.

















Race Notes and Hazards..

  • Hug shore along Hoypus Point for a nice eddy to avoid ebb current. !! Watch for occasional rocks underneath and downed trees from the shore.
  • Hug the east shore of Skagit Island for eddy to avoid current.  Enough water for your rudder at high tide.
  • Hug east (left) shore of Hope Island using eddy to avoid current.  Watch for rocks and reef.
  • Hope shoreline past NE crux point has nice eddies all the way to the south side.
  • After turning north past Hope, aim for Mt Erie to avoid back currents off Hoypus shoreline.
  • Yield for boating traffic

East side of Skagit Island, stay close to the shore to avoid current. There’s a few eddies there. Keep your eyes peeled for rocks and shallow spots.

East side of Hope Island – Crux Point.  *Aim for shore eddy between mini rapid and shore. FOLLOW YELLOW ARROW ON RIGHT (AIM FOR GLASSY STRIP)











Heading North past Ala Spit and Hope Island – Aim for Mt Erie to avoid reverse current off Ala Spit




















Start – Finish Right or North of the Cornet Bay Boat Ramp.

We’ll have a buoy 50′ off shore.


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