Here’s a few options for quick release leashes for use in whitewater, tidal rapids, surf, etc.

Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coiled Leash – Also check out their SUP Bag with Coiled Leash & Carry Strap.

BadFish Re-Leash – Has pressure break points which is essential in releasing from your gear.

XM Power-Clip Leash – Pulling the yellow loop detaches the ankle strap from the leash.

NRS SUP Leash w/ Quick Release

Sea Wolf PFD from Astral Buoyancy – SUP whitewater adventurer Ben Friberg uses this vest and prefers having the detachable enclosed short tow rope and quick release belt. (Green Jacket’s rope couldn’t be detached).  I currently use the Green Jacket by Astral for most SUP guiding and instruction work and keep the Salamander Keel Haul tow rope around my waist in bigger water as a longer tow option.

**Make sure you test your leash prior to use.  Much like inflatable PFDs, many don’t know how to actually use their gear when they really need it.  

Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coiled Leash (above)

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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