Over the years I’ve managed to leave a paddle at various locations. In one case I left the paddle on the Washington coast 5 hours from my home in Seattle.  A few days ago, I once again left a paddle at a beach where I was teaching near my house.

In all of the above situations the paddles were returned to me because I had my company sticker or other type of personal ID on the paddle.  The Coast Guard suggests having your ID on your boards as well in case if drifts off, or worse case you’re lost and they know where to return the gear to.

For instructors – having my sticker on the blade reminds my students which side is the power face.

For stuff like leashes, I add a colored piece of electrical tape to one section so I can tell them from my students if in pile.

I use DieCutStickers in Seattle.

Note my company sticker on my paddles.  

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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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