Storing gear in your car can be tricky and lead to not find things easily. A wet wetsuit or adjustable paddle can drip and get  your dry clothes wet after a surf session.  Watch this video get some ideas on how to store gear easier.  The video also shows how to wrangle multiple paddles and store one piece paddles safely in your car

Watch the video.

Gear I use to store gear in my car, plus a few extras:

– Bungy tie-down for multiple paddles – Found at West Marine but I couldn’t find the product title on their website. Any bungy with hooks will do.

– Oh shit bar bunny – Any bungy with hooks will work. Velcro strips can be useful too.

– Plastic bucket – I like something durable as I carry a lot of gear in the bucket especially for classes and often take it out and drop it when heavy on the pavement.  I’ve been through a few.

– Rubber mat to stand on – I use a piece of a closed cell foam camping pad. They can be purchased from outdoor stores or found at Value Village type stores.  Alternatives include standing on a towel, inflatable camping pad and some stand in their bucket while removing their wet clothing.

– Under my floor mat I have extra fins, leashes, fin screws, foil tape, my books, common tools and other items I regularly use when teaching on the road.

– When cold, I’ll bring along a 2 gallon container of hot water to wash off after a session. Some wrap their wetsuits around their containers to keep it warm when not in use.

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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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