Paddler’s Guide to Changing in Public will give you tips for staying warmer and have more privacy for your next trip.

Check out this paddler’s guide to changing in public…

  • Get a changing cloak. Here’s one from Seattle based Urban Surf. And another which I use which is very warm and popular at races is the Surf Fur which is fleece lined and wind proof. 
  • A friend uses this method – clip a towel to your open door for an instant changing room.
  • Practice with a big beach towel around waist. This is my main method.
  • Get a van to change in.
  • Wear your wetsuit or dry suit to your launch location (my winter solution).

Tips for Staying Warm

  • Wear a warm hat while changing to stay warm.
  • While changing, stand on a closed cell camping pad to stay warmer
  • Bring a gallon of water, pest spray pump container or a Rinse Kit to have warm water after your paddle and to clean your feet and gear.
  • Keep a hot water thermos on hand to warm up

More tips for staying warm in my SUP Magazine article

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