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Stand Up Paddling 101

Everything You’ll Need to Stand Up Paddle Safely, Efficiently, and Enjoyably

The popularity of Stand Up Paddling is exploding and with it tremendous opportunities, whether you do it for fun or want to take on more challenge.

SUP 101 will teach you essential skills and knowledge every paddler needs to have fun and stay safe on the water. Kknowing the right gear for your needs can mean the difference between a frustrating first experience and a great one.  Get started right by watching at your own pace.

Who This Class is For

SUP 101 is a great class for both beginners to SUP as well as seasoned paddlers seeking a refresher or to learn new tricks and tips.  If as an experienced paddler, if you haven’t taken a formal class yet, this course will fill in what you don’t know. SUP Instructors will also gain ideas how to teach SUP and fill in gaps in your knowledge base.  

Course Duration

This course is designed for you to go at your own pace. Or jump around to the subject areas of interest you’re wanting to learn. Each video is 2 to 12 minutes long. Jump around or watch it end to end, it’s your choice.  

Course Contents 

Included: 24 Videos, 6 Essential Downloads, 1 Resources page with weather, tides and other popular links. 

The Complete Guide to Gear and Equipment:

  • SUP gear, equipment and accessories so you know what to purchase on your own
  • Learn the difference between a displacement nose and a surf style board, a coiled and straight leash and fins types. 
  • Which paddling clothing to wear and when (for all seasons and regions). 
  • Learn how to install a fin, attach a leash string and leash and deck outfitting.  

The Essential Skills to Stand Up Paddle Efficiently and Enjoyably from the Beginning:

  • How to stand up so you’ll get up the first time with confidence. It’s not just about balance. 
  • Basic sweep turns that anyone can learn to turn the board quickly. 
  • How to go sideways, backwards and stop so you’ll be in full control in all situations. 
  • Prone, sitting and kneeling so you can paddle upwind easier, give your feet a break and can get back to shore if you lose or break your paddle. 
  • Balance and braces so you’ll be more stable in more conditions. 
  • The pivot / buoy turn so you can easily do quick 90 and 180 degree turns on a dime. Also great balance practice. 
  • Walking on your board to gain confidence, increase balance and have more control for turns and for coastal and downwind surfing. Also called Footwork, it’ll relieve stress in your feet as a beginner. 
  • The forward stroke so you can paddle straight for longer distances with less effort and minimize arm and shoulder injuries. 

Critical Safety and Rescue Skills on the Water:

  • Falling safely and 3 ways to get back on so you can have more fun and push your skills. 
  • Towing and several rescues including flip rescue so you can help a friend or save a life! 
  • Paddling over boat wakes and in wind so you can learn to paddle in more places and more often. 
  • Lists of what to put in your life jacket, first aid kit, repair kit and what and when to pack it.

Confidently Navigate the Water, the Weather, and Gear Care:

  • How to choose where to paddle and when so you avoid launching at a beach or in conditions above your level. 
  • Basic navigation and right of way know how to paddling with boats and in busy waterways.
  • Cleaning gear (paddles, wetsuits) so your gear lasts longer and requires less repairs.
  • Weather forecast tools to help you determine when to go to avoid conditions above your level or safely push your skills. 

Plus! 6 Essential Downloads:

  • Gear check list for a 1 hr paddle or longer day trip to make sure you don’t forget anything at home.
  • How to prep your car for paddling so you can load you board easier and it  won’t become a hazard on the road. 
  • Clothing list for all seasons so you know what to wear and when, even when traveling. 
  • Contents for First Aid and Repair Kits. Customize as needed per each type of trip. 
  • How to repair hard and inflatable boards both on-water and for more cosmetic repairs at home. 

Essential Paddler’s Resources, Updated Regularly for the Most Up-to-Date Resources, Including:

  • US and Canadian marine weather forecast links so you can check weather anywhere. 
  • Surf and coastal forecast tools to increase your skills for finding or avoiding surf. 
  • Marine navigation resources to learn how to plan trips, make smart decisions and build skills for on-water communications. 
  • Additional training resources to become the most qualified paddler possible. The more you’ll know the more fun you’ll have. 
  • Where to launch for your skill level including docks, boat ramps, sandy and rocky beaches and into small waves.   
  • Float Plan apps to alert your friends of your paddling plans in case of any trouble on-water .
  • Marine Traffic apps to find out where the ships are in case of a crossing or paddling at night or in fog.  

Make your first Stand Up Paddle experience memorable! Get the foundational skills to then take your Stand Up Paddling to new exciting levels.

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As the owner of a stand up paddle board training and rental facility, I am always on the lookout for different techniques to improve safety and performance for our clients.  The SUP 101 videos are a great resource for someone to use as a stand alone training aid or to implement Rob’s practices and techniques into your own training sessions

Curt Devoir

Undertoe Mexico

Rob’s SUP 101 course is a great way to learn about stand up paddling as a beginner or a great refresher on all the basics for paddlers of varied experience. Everything from proper gear, boards, paddles to technique and safety. This course can also be a great asset for instructors to brush up as well.  Have fun and paddle on! 

Holly Rasmussen

Get the Complete Online Course Today, and Get on the Water with Confidence

Our Expert Instructors Put Your Safety and Enjoyment First

“I've gone SUP on my own a few times but felt I might be lacking in some basics. I got a lesson from Rob and it exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Not only does he give all the strokes you may need in various situations, I also learned about equipment, safety, tides and currents, how to transport and hold my board. Little things that made a huge difference because I'm prepared in every area. Now I can just concentrate on having fun when I hit the water."

- Sean F

"I learned not only how to improve my paddling skills but also how to read the water better, how to train more efficiently and most importantly not to forget to look up and enjoy being on the water.

If you are in the market for a lesson I would highly recommend Rob."

- Troy Nebecker, Bellevue

"Rob’s personalized instruction greatly improved my skills and gave me the confidence to become fully immersed in stand up paddling.

There are plenty of SUP classes out there, most with very large groups and not a lot of one-on-one time. Rob’s classes are small and customized to suit your specific needs and perfect for those who really want to learn the ins and outs of the Pacific NW’s perfect sport."

- Paul Edmonson, Seattle

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