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Online stand up paddling class launching mid December!

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What you’ll Learn in this comprehensive SUP Basics 101 Course:

Included: 24 Videos, 6 Essential Downloads, 1 Paddler’s Resource Page

– SUP gear, equipment and accessories
– Anatomy of boards, paddles and gear
– Which paddling clothing to wear and when (for all seasons)
– How to stand up (and help for those that may struggle with this!)
– Basic sweep turns
– How to go sideways, backwards and stop
– Prone, sitting and kneeling
– Balance and braces – stay stable anywhere!
– The pivot / buoy turn
– Walking on your board
– Forward stroke and how to paddle straight
– Falling safely and 3 ways to get back on
– Towing and several rescues including flip rescue
– Paddling over boat wakes and in wind
– How to choose where to paddle and when
– Basic navigation and right of way
– Cleaning gear (paddles, wetsuits)
– Lists of what to put in your life jacket, first aid kit, repair kit and what and when to pack it.
– Weather forecast tools

Plus!  6 Essential Downloads:

  • Check list for a 1 hr paddle or day trip
  • How to prep your car for paddling
  • Clothing list for all seasons 
  • Contents for First Aid and Repair Kits
  • How to repair hard and inflatable boards

Included in the Paddler’s Resources Page:

  • US and Canadian marine weather forecast links
  • Surf and coastal forecast tools
  • Marine navigation resources
  • Additional training resources
  • Where to launch
  • Float Plan apps
  • Marine Traffic apps

2019 Courses:  SUP Basics 102, SUP Surfing, Kayaking

Our Expert Instructors Put Your Safety and Enjoyment First

“I've gone SUP on my own a few times but felt I might be lacking in some basics. I got a lesson from Rob and it exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Not only does he give all the strokes you may need in various situations, I also learned about equipment, safety, tides and currents, how to transport and hold my board. Little things that made a huge difference because I'm prepared in every area. Now I can just concentrate on having fun when I hit the water."

- Sean F

"I learned not only how to improve my paddling skills but also how to read the water better, how to train more efficiently and most importantly not to forget to look up and enjoy being on the water.

If you are in the market for a lesson I would highly recommend Rob."

- Troy Nebecker, Bellevue

"Rob’s personalized instruction greatly improved my skills and gave me the confidence to become fully immersed in stand up paddling.

There are plenty of SUP classes out there, most with very large groups and not a lot of one-on-one time. Rob’s classes are small and customized to suit your specific needs and perfect for those who really want to learn the ins and outs of the Pacific NW’s perfect sport."

- Paul Edmonson, Seattle

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