Online Stand Up Paddling Classes

Everything You’ll Need to Stand Up Paddle Safely, Efficiently, and Enjoyably

Marine Navigation Webinar – Learn how to navigate safely in fog, at night and be able to read charts. Expert sailor and paddler Skyler Palmer will discuss the basics of navigation from thee compass rose and magnetic variances to how tides, currents and weather affect navigation decision making. Bonus material on best navigation, tides/currents and weather apps as well as navigation books and other resources. Custom in-person courses available.  

SUP 101 will teach you essential skills and knowledge every paddler needs to have fun and stay safe on the water. Knowing the right gear and techniques can mean the difference between a frustrating first experience and a great one.  Get started right by watching at your own pace. Beginners and intermediate paddlers will benefit from the comprehensive info covering paddling equipment, standing up, directional control and safety tips. SUP instructors can use this course to help develop your own classes and SUP business.

SUP 101

Beginner & Intermediate
A comprehensive introduction to SUP equipment, paddling and rescues techniques.

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Marine Navigation Webinar

All Levels.
Learn Marine Navigation from expert sailor and paddler, Skyler Palmer.

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