Kenny Wilson of Lincoln City, Oregon contacted me last week about a winter paddling tip. See below..

Here is my secret-perhaps the 31st tip!
After filling the “hot tank” (see attached pic) with HOT water, I’ll wrap my wetsuit around the insulated jug and set it inside the tupperware container (on top of my booties) that you mentioned. When I get to the beach not only is my HOT water still HOT, but my wetsuit is nice and warm!

Back to the booties: Since the surf tends to get good for 2-3 days at a time, I like to have multiple pairs. I also use a boot dryer to help dry out my boots in between use. However, If you are putting on wet boots, this is where the hot water comes in to play. Also, for those double session days try putting a plastic (safeway) bag over your hands and feet when re-suiting up. This will help you slide in to an already been used, wet wetsuit much easier.

Here in the NW, we learn things the hard way! This is all lived and learned type info that I am sharing with you. I hope it’s useful.

Kenny teaches SUP during the summer at the Oregon Surf Shop in Lincoln City, Oregon

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