Marine Navigation Webinar

Whether a paddler or boater, marine navigation skills can be helpful whether on a day trip or multi-day adventure. Knowing how to get around in fog, at night, in tidal current and in a busy waterway requires skills you’ll learn in this webinar.  

Core Skills You’ll Gain

  • Navigation and Chart Terms
  • Current phenomena 
  • How topography affects weather
  • Compass rose, true vs magnetic north and corrections
  • Soundings in fathoms vs feet / meters
  • Depth diagrams
  • Tides
  • Reading water – seams, gyres, compression, ripples, chop, waves, swell, eddies, upwelling
  • Wind chart and apps
  • Navigation at night and fog
  • Dead reckoning 

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About Skyler Palmer

At age 14, Skyler was lead instructor at Seattle’s Center for Wooden Boats and later a deckhand and charter sailboat captain on three 70 foot racing sailboats. As a captain, he logged over 12k miles on Puget Sound.  He participated in three transoceanic races including last year’s Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Hawaii.  A graduate of Crawford Nautical School, Skyler holds a 100 Ton Masters Credential and has done many US and Mexico coast yacht deliveries.  He’s been paddling a SUP for 8 years and has raced for 3 years. Skyler is a member of the Ballard Elks Paddling Club.  He lives in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. 

Who Should Watch this Webinar?

Boaters, paddlers and anyone interested in marine navigation.  

Skill Prerequisites: NONE

Beginner level. You have had no or limited experience on a board or have limited skills. You aren’t comfortable in bumpy water, have only paddled a few times and/or haven’t fallen off a board yet. (If you haven’t fallen, you’re likely not pushing your skills to the next level.)

“I’ve had many SUP, surfing (and beyond) lessons world-wide but I haven’t found an expert in the area that compares to Rob’s level of quality experience, competency and teaching skills. Rob emphasizes safety first and caters to each individuals personal learning style in delivering quality instruction to paddlers of all levels. He truly went above and beyond and has set the bar extremely high for a business model that I hope to mirror. I will definitely return to him for further training.”

- Amber W

Class Details:

Class Duration: 1 hour

Bonus Material if Purchased: Lists of popular weather, navigation and related apps, books and additional resources. 

Take a Class: Custom 1-1 or Group In-Person Classes Available

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“Rob is an expert in SUP and offers even more relevant training and helpful information because of his background in kayaking. His skill, knowledge and expertise exceeded my expectations. He presented the information and training in a very clear and concise manner; adding many various tips throughout his instruction. Rob is encouraging, patient and practical – all very important traits when teaching a subject. The course more than met my needs – I learned a lot and as a beginner – I have a lot to learn. I will continue to turn to him as my ‘go to’ resource in all matters SUP. I’m extremely glad I chose Salmon Bay Paddle and Rob for my first professional training in SUP. I felt safe and confident with him the whole time.”

- Leah R

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