Maliko DW Clinic

April Downwinding & Pre-Olukai Clinic @ Maliko on Maui's North Shore

Salmon Bay Paddle, PSUPA and More Water Time Maui on the north shore of Maui are offering a pre Olukai Race downwind clinic to a small handful (3 max) of experienced PSUPA members and Salmon Bay Paddle alumni.

The clinic is being offered a few days before the legendary Olukai downwind race which draws all the world's top downwind pro's and weekend warriors alike.

Clinic & Race Dates:
April 23, 24 and 25th, (Thurs 26th = alt weather day. Friday 27th = rest day). The Olukai SUP race is on April 28th.

Who Should Sign Up?
The clinic is for Salmon Bay Paddle Alumni and PSUPA members only. The rates are discounted for each ($800 savings). You should have downwinding experience and have strong rough water and wind paddling experience. You should be in good physical shape and know how to swim.

Clinic Schedule:
Learning to downwind in Maliko or on any DW run isn't about just doing the run. We believe that pre-run training is essential so you learn how to not only be most efficient (catch more glides) but know who to deal with falling and recovering in high wind, rescues, how to paddle comfortably in rough water and high wind conditions and how to communicate with fellow paddlers.


We will be communicating with you via email and sending "pre-course" exercises and a course outline, including videos for each student to prepare for their Maliko experience. Rob will work with you in Seattle to assist with preparing your for this experience.

Day 1:

The clinic will be offered in a wind protected area of Kahului harbor with access to get in and out of the wind as desired. You will learn pre-downwind skills and get a thorough safety briefing.

Day 2:

We'll do a 1.5-2 mile "inside run" to Kanaha beach park where you will have additional instruction preparing your for launching, landing, downwinding and safety skills.

Day 3:

We'll do a full Maliko run on the OluKai course with at least 4 stops for coaching tips and photos. We'll also cover downwind technique and safety, along with course and race specific coaching. You'll also learn to build a solid downwind understanding and technical foundation with the focus being on safety and participant take away.


Even on Maui, wind can be inconsistent. Keep Thursday open as a possible class day if wind conditions are better then, than on the previous 1-2 days. Friday will be a rest day.

What's Included:
All shuttle fees; 3 days of instruction; 14' downwind board rental for 6-7 days including race (average $70 day rental). The rental boards are the fast and stable 14' Jimmy Lewis Rail and M14's (Maui based) - Your board will have customized safety tow line attachment points and other important safety features. These features are not available on stock rental boards.

Instructor Bio's:

Jaecey Suda:

Jaecey has been teaching and coaching SUP on Maui for 3 years and has done around 300 Maliko runs. She owns More Watertime Maliko Shuttle. Jaecey is a PSUPA instructor trainer for Flat Water 1 and Downwinding.

Ralf Sifford:

Ralf is the former owner for 30 years of Second Wind Sports on Maui's North Shore and has been an innovator of all wind sports and is one of the fastest, most seasoned, and knowledgeable downwind experts around. Ralf is a PSUPA member.

Rob Casey:

Instructor Assistant - Seattle based, Rob has owns SUP school, Salmon Bay Paddle and is author of Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers, Rob is the director of PSUPA, a SUP instructor training and certification program. Rob teaches downwinding in Seattle.

Skills you'll Learn in Seattle:

  • Wind forecasting tools and techniques so you know when to and not go
  • Stroke analysis so you get more glides
  • Directional control such as nose rudders, the dufek, and tail rudder
  • Footwork to adjust trim which means longer glides, less work
  • Rescues & Safety - How to rescue yourself and others in high wind and open water
  • Gear: boards, double leashing, visibility, clothing and communication.
  • Choosing where to go, plan put-ins and take-outs, shuttles and backup plans
  • Learn skills for rough water and high wind so you can have more fun
  • How to downwind the Maliko run and paddle in reef / surf environment
  • Learn surf etiquette and dw community cultural respect on Maui
  • Risk management: picking partners, making smart decisions
  • Skills You'll Learn on Maui:

  • You'll learn how to apply all the above on-water skills on the ocean in high winds and ocean swell
  • See the day to day schedule for additional skills (above)



    Cost includes use of all gear: 14' Jimmy Lewis Rail and M14 boards, paddle, leash, PFD and shuttle fees..

    6 Day 14' Board Rental & Instruction: 1,100 per person.


    Instructor Jaecey Suda has graciously offered lodging to 3 students at $200 for the duration of the clinic and race.

    Additional Lodging:

    Olukai Race Lodging Discounts through TripZero -

    Car Rental Info:

    Car Rentals: Run approx 245-275 a week. We recommend a car with a stock rack or roof rails - bring straps. Sharing a rental is preferred to reduce your footprint on the island and at surf spots, etc.

    Contact Rob to for Questions and/or to Sign-Up: 206-465-7167 or