The Makah Coast Race is a 8 mile ocean human powered paddling and rowing race October 4th on Makah Bay at the Makah Indian Reservation.

Racers start on Hobuck Beach and go through the surf to an outer reef, then to the south end of the bay, around a picturesque sea stack, back to the reef and back through the surf to the beach.

Like many beach events, racers will run a short distance to the finish line.  Some proceeds will be donated to the Makah Lutheran Church.

The race will take place alongside the Hobuck Hoedown, a surf and sea kayak, and SUP surf competition held annually at Hobuck Beach.

2020 Makah Coast Race – 8 miles

Nearby Cape Flattery is the most northwesterly corner of the Lower 48 US and Washington State. Makah Bay is known for its surf, beaches and access to Olympic National Park’s Shi Shi Beach.


Racers will be screened for their skills. You must be competent with ocean paddling and rowing skills for surf, large waves, wind and swell.


Makah Coast Race Registration Opens Summer

  • Register Separately here for the Hobuck Hoedown (Oct 3-4) Kayak and sup surfing competition.
Photo: Patrick Hwang, 2019 race.

Photo: Patrick Hwang, 2019 race.


Race Schedule:

Saturday Oct 3: Online and in-person registration closes.

Sun Oct 4

– 8am – Sign-in Opens (Sign waiver, check-in)

– 9:15am Safety Meeting for all participants and staff on beach.

-10am – Race Start

12:30 – Awards at designated cabin HQ.

1pm – Even ends.

Required Gear

PFD, leash for SUPs, immersion clothing for conditions, optional helmet (rentals available) for surf launch/entry, VHF radio, High-vis colors so we can see you.

Race Cancellation for Conditions

The maximum wave size for the race is 9-10 feet and 18-20kt onshore winds. Anything larger or the same sizes with onshore winds will lead to a cancellation.

**TERMS – Regardless of Circumstances:
– Refunds cannot be issued
– Tickets can be transferred between participants only if our registration receives the data 24hrs prior to race.
– Tickets cannot be deferred to next year

Additional Travel Info

If you can’t on the coast overnight, you can access Hobuck from Port Angeles which is only 1.5hrs away.  Port Angeles has several lodging options. See my Neah Bay Travel Guide.




Skill Prerequisites: Advanced

You should have proven skills in ocean and open water paddling, surfing and rough water skills.  You should know how to swim. This is not a race for beginners. Ocean swell could range from 2′ to 10′.  We will not hold the competition beyond a 10′ swell and/or 25kt winds.

Lifejackets and leashes required to participate as well as a VHF radio and hi-vis clothing. Helmets recommended for surf entry / exit.

Race Details:


Number of Participants: 

Location: Hobuck Beach Resort, Makah Bay, WA

Distance: 8 miles.

Event Duration: 3 hours.

Cost: TBA

Schedule: 9-10AM Start.

Safety: Approved by the Coast Guard and Makah Indian Tribe, we will have a boat on-water to assist paddlers as well as additional safety paddlers along the course. The course does have a few access points along the coastline. All race staff will be on VHF radios.


Also Registration for the Hobuck Hoedown, Summer 2020 – Sea and surf kayak, plus SUP surfing competition.


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