Lake Crescent Paddling Race - Sept 25th 2022

Lake Crescent Paddling Race – Race Cancelled

Race Director’s Message:

Due to low enrollment in our races this summer, high gas prices, covid still rampant thus many cancelling last minute and tons of other events, we are cancelling this race. Too much work put into these events to get minimal turn-out.  We’re doing less events going forward to focus on our sup, surf ski and kayak instruction at Salmon Bay PaddleThanks for your support last year!

The Lake Crescent Paddling Race is a 8.5 mile Long Course and a 2.5 mile Short Course on beautiful Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park.  Enjoy epic views of Pyramid Mountain and the historic Lake Crescent Lodge.

The race will occur a day after the Big Hurt multi-sport race in Port Angeles.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to the North Olympic Land Trust

Lake Crescent is known for its clear turquoise colored water, blue Beardsly trout, beautiful Marymere Falls (near the race start) and cedar, fir and big leaf maple forest line shores.

The Lake is on Highway 101 and approx 28 minutes west of Port Angeles, WA and 3 hours from Seattle.


The Courses:

Long Course – The Long Course is designed to take advantage of a possible downwind option in case of East or Westerly winds starting from the same spot.

Starting at the Barnes Point / Storm King boat ramp near the historic Lake Crescent Lodge leading west up the lake towards Maple Point, then east to East Shore Beach reversing direction and west past Sledgehammer Point and back to the boat ramp.  Hopefully it’s a downwinder!  Wind waves can get big on the lake!

Short Course – Starting at the Barnes Point / Storm King boat ramp near the historic Lake Crescent Lodge leading west up the lake towards Maple Point and return to the boat ramp.

Open most human powered paddling craft – Row, SUP, kayak, surf ski, outrigger, prone, peddle, wing foil.

Sponsored by KAVU and Sound Bikes and Kayaks (Port Angeles)

Race Details + Registration


2021 AWARDS: Barhop Brewing $100 / The Rail Cafe $100 / Sound Bikes and Kayaks / KAVU $150 / Seattle Sports Co $75

Long Course Rates: 1p $60/ 2p $70. *Rates Go Up: Sept 17th – 1p $70 / 2p $80

Short Course Rates: TBA

Covid Regs: Masks required to be worn on land, all staff are vaccinated.


Park at the Storm King Ranger Station / Marymere Falls lot.   Located 22 min west of Port Angeles along Highway 101.  Approx 3 hours from Seattle.

Olympic National Park – Lake Crescent Map

Lake Crescent Water Depth Map  /   Lake Wind Forecasts


Lodging / Travel Info

See my Port Angeles ‘PA’ Travel Guide with tips for lodging, food, beer and recreational opportunities

Terms and Conditions

NOTE –  Regardless of Circumstances:

  • Refunds cannot be issued. Cancelled fees will be donated to the North Olympic Land Trust in Port Angeles
  • Tickets can be transferred between participants only if our registration receives the data prior to race.
  • Tickets cannot be deferred to next year
  • $500 no-refundable protest filing fee






VERY IMPORTANT – Covid-19 Safety Measures in Place.

  • Registrants will be sent at Zoom link for our Pre-Safety Meeting and prize drawing.
  • Masks will be required to be worn in the parking lot and shore areas and by safety crew on-water when in close contact with participants.
  • You will be assigned a start time for your heat.  Aside from the first (slower craft heat), all heats will be set by type of water craft.
  • Please follow our onsite guidelines to stay distanced on shore and when entering the water. Stay clear of the start area if your heat isn’t immediately.
  • Do not attend if you’re feeling sick and/or have a temp. No refund permitted if so.


Participant Requirements:

  • Must be able to finish course in 3.5 hours 
  • Open to most human powered paddling and rowing craft.
  • All racers are required to wear a life jacket. No pfd for prone paddle boards. PFD on boat for rowers / 6-person canoes.  
  • SUPs are additionally required to wear a leash.
  • All participants must know how to swim and be in good physical shape.
  • Hi-vis colors recommended so you can be easily seen by our safety staff and boaters. Recommend carrying a tethered waterproofed phone or VHF radio.



  • April 2 – 2 Islands Dash (DP Spring Race) – TBA waiting on park permit
  • June 25 – Bremerton 2 Bridges Tidal Race in swift tidal current. Super fun race!
  • July 24 – Hammer the Inlet, 3m and 13 mile race on tidal current on Hammersley Inlet. Oysters!
  • Sept 25 – Lake Crescent Race – Short and Long courses in Olympic National Park
  • Dec 10 – Deception Pass Dash/Challenge, TBA



Sound Rowers

Seattle Outrigger


Ballard Elks Paddling Club – Summer Monday Night Fundraiser Series

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