Kayak Classes

Covid-19 Notice – PLEASE READ..

SBP is now open to individual and small groups (1-4p max) people.  Private local classes and tours only. 

Paddling is a naturally distanced activity and great for much exercise and fresh air. All equipment is always cleaned.


Beginners start with Kayak Level 1 then progress to Kayak Level 2 before signing up for downwinding, Deception Pass, surfing and freighter surfing. If unsure of your skill level, contact me to discuss.

Private Classes Only

  • Contact me first about the class you’re interested in.
  • Then Click Sign-Up to pay to secure your spot. Follow directions in sign-up.

Beginning – No or limited experience.

Intermediate – You have at least a year of regular paddling, can paddle straight, turn, paddle over small waves and boat wakes and capsize, wet-exit and get back in a kayak easily.

Advanced – You can comfortably kayak surf, downwind, paddle rivers and/or open water or swift current in most conditions.

Check out my Paddling BooksStand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers and Kayaking Puget Sound and the San Juans, 60 Trips, both from Mountaineers Books. 

Kayak Classes

Kayaking Level 1

3 Hours – Beginner
An introduction to the basics of kayaking. Learn about gear, turns, self-rescue and much more! 

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Kayaking Level 2

3 Hours – Adv Beginner or Intermediate
For experienced paddlers wanting to get to the next level. Turn faster, get more stable, learn more rescues. 

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Freighter Wave Kayak Class

3 Hours – Intermediate
Learn how to kayak surf and find out where and when to surf Seattle!

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Tidal Rapids Kayak Training at Deception Pass

4 Hours – Intermediate and Advanced
Learn how to paddle in tidal rapids, improve rough water skills and gain confidence in a spectacular location! Next class 7/18, 8/22

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Downwinding for Kayaks and Surf Skis

3 Hours – Intermediate and Advanced
Learn how to safely downwind your kayak or surf ski on Puget Sound.


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Kayak Touring Clinic

2 Hours – All Levels (shore class) 
Find out how to outfit and pack your kayak for a long day trip or overnight tour.

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Kayak Tug Surfing on Shilshole Bay

2-3 Hours – Intermediate and Advanced
Find out when, where and how to surf epic waves from coastal tugs in Seattle.

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Kayak Surfing Class

4 Hours – Intermediate
Coastal kayak surfing for those new to surfing and those looking to get to the next level. Taught on the Straight of Juan de Fuca

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