Take your skills to the next level with my Intermediate Sup Skills online course.  Learn techniques such as the pivot/buoy turns, balance tricks, paddling in wind, over boat wakes and walking on the board.

Why not just get these skills for free on YouTube?

Because you’ll spend more time searching for the right course that may or may not fit your your interests. Get it all here in one place with one consistent proven teaching style.

In this Intermediate SUP Skills Online Course You’ll Learn

Pre and post paddle stretches and warm-ups by fitness trainer and paddler Joe McColskey.

– Learn how to prone paddle for up-wind conditions, cross training and if you lose your paddle.

Paddle efficiently and straight when sitting down and kneeling. Also essential skills for up-wind and rough water paddling.

– How to safely fall and get back on in any conditions.

– Get stability skills with bracing and momentum.

– Learn the pivot turn. Also called the kick back or buoy turn.

– Find out about smart directional control – how to go sideways, backwards and stopping.

– Learn powerful and low energy forward stroke for maximum speed and less injuries.

Paddle straight which saves energy and will help you catch more waves and pass others in races.

– Find out why you don’t need to turn in to a boat wake.

Bonus Material –

Save a life with the Flip Rescue and Towing! Learn these essential water safety skills!

Also get essential Downloads and Resources to help you plan trips, never forgot gear using check-lists and weather and wind apps.

What’s Included:
  • 10 Instructional Intermediate SUP Videos
  • 2 Downloads & Resources files.

I’ve been paddling SUP since 2006 and have surfed, raced, done endurance races up to 50 miles, camped overnight, ran rivers and tidal rapids and taught hundreds of students. The skills included here are a result of years of practice and learning the best ways to teach you how to paddle. My SUP Motto: Paddle smarter, not harder.


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