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I admit, I’m a slacker. I should be manually blowing up my inflatable sups, but I’d rather be maxing my time out by surfing and paddling vs pumping away in a hot parking lot.

So I use the Bravo High Pressure12v pump. I’ve been using this pump regularly for 3 years.

Another good option my students like is this one, (see photo) that several companies rebrand as their own. I’ve seen Tower and in this case Aqua Glide place their name on the pump.

Both come in under $200 and will blow inflatable sups up fully.

NRS, a company whose gear I love does have their Blaster Pump. I haven’t used it but it may be worth a try.

Pump Stages:

Reduce pump noise

In my first year with my Bravo, I didn’t know the noisier second stage finished filling it up. It started out with the standard noise, then jacked up to another level of noise which finished it. But we thought the pump was going to blow up, so stopped and it topped it off with a hand pump. ¬†Glad we figured that one out. ūüôā

Reduce Pump Noise:
To reduce pump noise in public areas, stack lifejackets and/or towels over the pump.  Both will break the silence in a peaceful park or beach.

Pump Tips:
-Get a few of the pump adaptors that connect to the board. They attach to your hose but can be easily lost.

-Blow up board till it’s rock hard. If your board is still super bouncy at full PSI then you’ll have

balance issues (get a better board). ¬†Most board PSI’s range from 15-25. Check for yours.

Pump hose adaptors

-Removing the pump adaptor: The inflation valve will either need to be pushed and turn turned to lock, or just pushed in. So Push in to inflate most of the board with the electric pump. Then when fully inflated, you have to remove the pump tube (twist to release), then if you loose some air, release the valve tab so it prevents air from coming out. Leaving it released (or ‘up’) use your pump to top it off.

-Deflation – Just push in and/or turn (depends on brand) the inflation tab to release the air. Stand back and it’ll deflate very quickly. ¬†Then fold the board towards the valve end.

– Clean your valve with water and Q-Tips to keep clean of dirt, salt and sand.

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