While stand up paddle surfing might be the new cool thing, it’s already been placed in some locations in the 2nd rate sections of certain surfing beaches. Those long frequent rides often taken outside has apparently irritated enough folks that SUP’ers can now only surf in a certain section of the Dog Patch of the famous break north of San Diego, San Onofre State Beach. And if you go beyond those borders, you get a ticket which is also a misdemeanor. See more on this posting on standupzone.com..


San Onofre State Beach –

That said, if you’re travelling to a new beach, check the regs and ask with local surf shops or forums to get the lo-down on such situations as above. Quite the bummer. I was kicked out of a beach in Kona a few years ago when I chose to surf kayak there. I was told kayakers weren’t allowed. There were no signs on the beach. Interestingly, I surfed the same beach on less crowded days prior with no issues. I hear it’s less crowded in Alaska.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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