One of the issues I’ve had with sup boards is not being able to attach much needed water bottles, extra clothing, or camera gear to my board. While there’s nothing wrong with carrying such gear in a fanny or backpack, but those options do make me top heavy. Coming from the kayaking world, I’m use to having an easy accessible ‘day hatch’ to store these items. After a bit of research on Stand Up Paddle Zone and the Werner blog, I found a few options that solve this issue.

Paddler Dave Collins on the Werner Blog (August 2008) suggested attaching his E-Z Plugs to the board with marine epoxy. See his posting of rounding the north end of Vancouver Island on a 12′ Laird sup. He suggests using nylon rope for E-Z Plugs as the loops are too small for bungi hooks.

Beau Whitehead of Bellingham, WA suggested the NSI Deck Mount Attachment System that stick to the board using a high bond adhesive. These come with a larger loop than the E-Z Plug.

Lastly, the most bomber method of attaching gear is to cut into the board, attach leash cups with epoxy, (or a similar item), and glass the edges to prevent leakage. See how to do so HERE.

Update: Since I wrote this posting, I had applied the E-Z Plugs to my board using the adhesive provided. After two weeks, one plug dettached from the board while in storage. That said, I’d recommend using epoxy to apply the plugs to your board. If you have a softtop or pad, obviously remove that section first and apply directly to the glass or tuflite.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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